Friday, 10 September 2010

Left 40k Dead

Hi everyone,

Over the past couple of months, I've been holding onto a ruleset modification of 40k to replicate one of the most fun PC games I've played, Left 4 Dead. Originally, it was started by Mediocre Tales as a rough draft. However, I've since then expanded on it, added scenarios and covered content in Left 4 Dead 2.

So here we go, I unveil to you my attempt at replicating Left 4 Dead on the tabletop, using 40k as a basis.

Left 40k Dead v1.1 on Scribd

Hopefully, I'll be doing some playtesting on this first draft ruleset at the club over the next few weeks. If anyone has any thoughts or comments on the ruleset, then please, please get in touch.



  1. That is soooooo cool!!!!!
    I want to start!!!
    I have seen my dad playing it and the game u hav created is really realistic!
    However, what modles would u use?
    Imperial Guard and Deamons?

  2. Hasslefree miniatures do a load of minis designed for zombie survivor games, if that's any help, including a parka-wearing macheteist, man armed with cricket bat, British Police, an Elvis impersonater, etc.

    Bottom half of this page:

    This is my favourite, I've got to say

    Mantic zombies might be a good way to get a cheap horder, but they're more fantasy than post-apocalyptic in style.

    Looks like a good set of rules, SuicideBadger.

  3. those 2hasslefree" miniatures really are HASSLE free
    they are also really cool?
    Which zombies did u say were best to make a horde with?
    I found a possible Tank...
    or this
    OR... lol
    the last 2 are the best!
    obviously lol :-D

    lol :-D

  5. The idea is to use Wargames Factory zombies. They're civilians, plastic and very cheap to buy. At the minute I've got about 10 - 15 Mantic Ghouls to use, but they'll be upgraded soon enough.

    Survivors can just be guardsmen for the moment!

  6. Hi

    Sorry to hijack the comments section again. Are we still on for a BFG game tomorrow night? If so, what time should I get there and who should I ask for?


  7. Hey Adam,

    As far as I'm aware still on for BFG tonight. We normally get there around 20 past, half past 7. If you ask for Ste, Rob or Jamie.

    We'll normally be in the "side room" which is left as you come in the front door.