Tuesday, 7 September 2010

[Warhammer] GW sneak new High Elf stuff for advance order...

Hey all,

Normally don't put much about Fantasy, but with the new starter set garnering my interest, I'd heard nothing about more High Elf minis coming. Then to my surprise, I find this lot going up on Advance Order HERE

High Elf Phoenix Guard:

High Elf White Lions:

High Elf Dragon Princes:

Thought they were all pretty cool, and an added incentive to be getting the High Elf minis out of the Island of Blood starter boxset!

What do you guys reckon?


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  1. I really like the new mini's, the high elf range has some cool stuff out. Unfortunatley i no longer play enough WHFB (nothing in the past 18 months) to warrent a new army, besides my Vampire counts army wouldnt be too pleased if i suddenly picked up a new toy