Wednesday, 10 March 2010

[Fluff] The Return!!!!!!

The lone marine ran..... his armour rent and torn, his spirit broke, his bolter empty. His blood pumping through his two hearts struggling to keep up with bodies demand..Fear!! All of his battle brothers dead! All of them! The scale of the slaughter threatened to destroy the last of his disciplined minds defences. The devils in red armour, we fired everything we had but they kept coming ripping, tearing, destroying all he held dear. He had to get the message back to someone. The Blood Angels Recon force they had been stationed with had turned, overtaken by a red mist a daemonic rage. Cassius had his suspicions before the battle, but even the Master of Sanctity had fallen torn down by daemons in black power armour, the last image of him being hit through a wall by a marine with a power fist crackling energy coursing through his black armour.

The marine stopped he had been running for hours maybe even a full day as it was now night and the moon was high in the sky. The night was cold and he was in a temperate jungle. Everything shone silver and looked like it was covered in diamonds it reminded him of the frost on the mountains of Macaggre and of simpler times when things made sense.

He had to make a plan his brain was telling him he was in the jungle west of the battlefield, he only hoped no one had seen him run. plans and ideas formed in his mind he was a space marine a one man army, a weapon of the Emperor. As ideas and plans formed his training dismissed many as foolhardy or just plain suicide. He remembered in the pre-battle briefing that there was a communications array to the north defended by Local Defence forces if he could get there before the Blood Angels he might be able to get a message out. But first rest and rations he had to rebuild his strength. As he breathed he noticed the noises of the jungle had stopped it was silent..... It can't be?? How did they follow him so far he was so careful...Still there was no disguising the fact they had returned.........


  1. Nice bit of writing. Will have to start my own if I get a spare bit of time . Next bit please !!!

  2. Really good! Few more of these every so often eh? Nice thematic fluff write-up post battle :)

  3. I'll try and write up 2nd section in the week. Don't want it to blow up into a Rise of the Tau though.

  4. We want a new Rise of the Tau!