Tuesday, 9 March 2010

[Blood Angels] The New Releases

Blood angels codex is almost upon us !!!!!!

Just been to pre order mine and also a couple of their new models to merge into my existing 8-10 k points. Will wait and see what else the codex has to throw at us once I get a look at it. A copy of it and the new sprues will be on view at your local Games Workshop from Saturday.

I did get a look though at an in house article though, for new releases while I was there spending my hard earned cash, which shows the new minis available and some of their new rules. Didn't get to read the majority of them though but here's what I can remember.

First and foremost the thing that defines the Blood Angels -- The Death Company. This unit is now a stand alone troops choice. As its points cost is not included within the rest of the army it will be far easier to have a competitive list in a small points game. However, you are limited to one squad, but it can range from 1 - 30 marines !!!!!

The box comes complete with bolter arms & close combat weapon/ bolt pistol arms & jump pack / back packs. Gives u more options though personally I would always take pistol & CCW for the extra attack. Unless they have both like chaos marines or GW say CCW for jump packs only to sell even more models.

If you love the Death Company and can't bear to field an army with only one squad of 30 then this guy, Astrorath the Grim, removes the one squad limit and you can take more. It didn't say if there were any restrictions on these extra units so I'm hoping that means I can take 6 squads of 30 Death Company marines. He also has a strength 6 power weapon.

To supplement this already awesome Death company Lemartes is now an upgrade character and not a HQ choice (wipes a tear from my eye - as GW have done with one of his wounds). Though I have to give them some credit and say the new model is far better at making him look like the barely controlled psychopath that he is. Also there is Tycho (who I would have been glad to see the back off in the old/current codex). He can either be fielded as a company captain retaining his much of his current stuff (so preferred enemy orks) n few other perks or he can be fielded as the Death Company Tycho who gets fleet, furious charge & I think rend. How all these characters would work in a squad I'm not sure. Though if you to Astrorath you could take 3 Death company units so 2 jump pack units (Astrorath & Lemartes) and 1 walking with tycho.

Didn't see anything on Death Company Dreadnoughts, bu presume this will just be an option, as it is currently, from the Furiso (see below).


The Sanguinar, Exemplar of the host --- The main rule I can remember about this guy is that he has gives anyone friendly units within 6" +1 attack. I think it was this model that if invulnerable saves are passed they have to be taken again. I'm gonna save myself £12 here & use my pre heresy Sanguinius model for this.

He also gets eternal warrior special rule.


The Sanguinary Guard -- An awesome honour guard / vanguard squad. Wrist mounted weapons so they can fire & still use their 2 handed master crafted relic blades (so re-rolls, plus strength & +1 attack for 2 weapons).

If you chose to field Lord Dante these buys can be taken as troops. (Dante also gets some new rules - but not eternal warrior. My biggest criticism of GW as he is the oldest marine about & never lost a combat but I'll save that for another time).


Mephiston --- Certainly lives up to his name as the lord of death more than ever. He goes to s6 t6 with w5. He still doesn't look to have an invulnerable save though. With any hope there is a raft of new psychic powers and one will give him this. Hopefully he will still be able to use 3 psychic powers and his force weapon in the same turn.

Furioso Dreadnought --- Blood Angels will not be getting the Iron Clad or a separate Venerable Dreadnought but the Furioso is much improved on the current/old codex and is still unique to the Blood Angels. It is an amalgamation of the Iron Clad, venerable & furioso dreadnought . It has front & side A 13 of the iron clad & increased WS & BS of 5 like venerable but gets the +1 attack for 2 close combat weapons. The BS I'm not bothered about because this baby will be running with that extra +1 Armour & hopefully venerable damage re roll as standard if should be pretty survivable. Hopefully the Death Company option remains with its D3 extra attacks or seeing as everything is being hiked up why not D6.

Gabriel Seth (Flesh Tearers Chapter Master) --- This will be a welcome bonus for those non-first founding commanders. To be honest after reading the new Blood Angel books I got to liking this guy but will not field him as I'm a pure blood lol.
He's got some pretty god rules though and will expect to see him many times on the table top. He has a 2 handed eviscerator with is S8 (poss power weapon) -- but its gonna be double most peoples Toughness anyway so no saves. He gets 5 attacks basic so 6 on the charge, but can fore go these attacks and claim an instant hit on all models in base to base contact. So for the majority of things its gonna be 2's to kill or independent characters a failed invulnerable save & dead.
Hope you have found something useful in all of this. As I say this is all I can remember from having a very quick scan through. Anything that does not have a model made for it was not included on the new releases sheet so there will be a second wave of models ---- like the librarian dreadnought that has already bee confirmed in White Dwarf.
For Sanguinius !!!! For the Emperor !!!!!!


  1. I have too say very good effort very informative and a good read. Think you and angryman should face off in the battle of the new codexes winner takes all battle.

  2. Gotta like those honour guard and HA HA STILL NO ETERNAL WARRIOR FOR DANTE!!!!! There is a god! This proves again the god of war is CALGAR!!!

  3. Death Company - I like the fact they're going for big tarpit units of 30 guys. It'll cost a bomb but people will be extremely scared of them. Only issue I have is the fact it's £20 for 5 models, which I think is a big jip from GW.

    Astorath the Grim - Looks cool, bit too much like a Vampire Count for me. I also don't like the fact every tom dick and harry in the BA list now has angelic wings. He seems alright from the rules, and I always like characters who allow different army builds.

    Lemartes / Tycho - Upgrade characters are always cool for me. I love the special rules they give, but also the fact that they are costed correctly and generally make the unit a viable alternative choice, as opposed to just a bigger, harder unit.

    Sanguinar - Again with the wings... kind of grates me a bit. I like the fact he's an option to lead the Sanguinary Guard. He just looks a bit like a blinged up, winged, Emperors Champion. Rules seem good, +1 attack for allies in 6" means there'll be a good blob of BA somewhere on the table.

    Sanguinary Guard - Don't like the wrist mounted weapon idea, detracting away from the Grey Knights there. But I do like the fact they've got 2H weapons, which is becoming an increasing rarity in 40k.

    Dante - Again, unlocking new builds, I like. Still no Eternal warrior I can live with. Especially since every HQ and character and their mum are getting Eternal Warrior special rule now. Maybe he should just be T5 to make up for it personally.

    Mephiston - No Inv Save is a downer, but at the same time, I'm cool with it... it's the downside of taking him, despite the fact he has absolutely awesome stats.

    Furioso - sounds like an Ironclad and a Venerable dred had a baby, which is better in CC. I like!

    Gabriel Seth - I absolutely love the fact GW are covering second founding / successor chapters in the lists with HQs now. I really look forward to what they do in other codexes if they continue this trend.

    Thats my thoughts anyhow.. looking forward to playin them!

  4. I'm looking forward to playing against the new blood angels, from the all the rumours they are going to hit hard, hit even harder then kick you while your down. I can't wait!!!