Sunday, 21 February 2010

[HOBBY] The New Boys Pt 4

After a long period of inaction because of lack of money and lack of batteries for my camera (which ended up taking terrible pictures anyway) I have returned with a few pictures and short stories about 6 of my Sternguard.

Firstly, I apologise for the Quality of the pictures, they were taken on my Fiances phone, the best camera we have at the moment, I will post better ones in the future.

First up on the left we have Sergeant Jarvis and on the right is Buck

Sergeant Jarvis, usually refered to as Sarge for ease in battle is a Veteran of many raids. He favours plasma weaponry and often uses the Vengance rounds created by Cogs (the techmarine who is yet to be built) and a plasma pistol that he has aquired from past victims. He favours obliterating his foes leaving just a pile of ash. Sarge is vicious in battle and leads his Squad fearlessly into any combat.

Buck, is the newest recruit and hasn't earnt his Skull Honours yet, the equivilant of terminator honours in a standard chapter. Buck rose quickly through the ranks of his fellows and his skill with a bolter, where his nickname comes from, led him into the Forsaken Guard (Sternguard) squad. His shots are nearly always on aim and he is adept at keeping his targets alive long enough to take their still living skulls.
Next up we have Bones on the left and Roth on the Right

Obviously Bones isn't his real name, however, he has been fighting for so long that he doesn't remember his own name. Bones is the tactical department in the chapter and the only reason he hasn't raised higher is because he has refused every attempt to be "promoted". He knows that the Sergeants and Captains are always the first to be shot at when people can. Bones now tends to the Chapters dead and wounded much like an apothecary though he follows a more ritualistic way.

Roth is the second newest recruit in the Forsaken Guard and was very pleased when Buck turned up to take his old place. Roth is a scavenger and always has been even before being made into a Space Marine. His bolter is of archaic make along with his Chest armour, anything shiny is soon taken by Roth.

Lastly we have Drustos on the left and Attilas on the Right

Drustos is the squads main Vox operator and the Chapter rely on him to maintain their communications. Drustos aspires to be just like Cogs (the techmarine) and follows him around when not at war. There isn't much more to say about Drustos he is a quiet man and he will fight stoically and to the end.

Attilas is the chapters soon to be Chaplain, he also shows a large amount of psychic potential however that is completely normal for this Chapters Chaplains. The Forsaken Brotherhood do not have any Librarians instead their Chaplains maintain their beliefs of the Emperor in his Bloodthirsty state slaking his thirst on the blood of the heretic and Daemon and fight with his will manifest in their destructive powers.

For now that is it, I am currently building some Warmachine models and attempting to build one of my Tactical squads.

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  1. Looking good, nice conversions.

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