Thursday, 6 June 2013

May Painting Pledge - Finished.


So I've been meaning to post a blog up for a couple of days but haven't had chance to take pictures, or get it written up on the PC.

In all, it's been a pretty decent month for getting things painted, although I've had absolutely no desire to paint my Eldar vehicle weaponry. Since they're all seperate fiddly weapons, they're a nightmare for painting without getting my hands coated in primer or wash, or worse, smudging all the paint off them while handling them. I'll get around to these at some point this month hopefully...

Anyway! Here's the list and here's what got done!


  • 5 Dark Angels Devastators
  • 1 Belial
  • 1 Stormlord
  • 1 Trazyn
  • 1 Cryptek
  • 1 Overlord
  • 10 Immortals with Tesla
  • 5 Lychguard with Voidblades and Shield.
  • Remaining Eldar vehicle weaponry.
  • 20 Bloodletters
  • 1 Skullcannon / Bloodthrone
I didn't get any building done since I was pretty busy with painting and playing on the Xbox whilst having hobby burnout.

BUT! I did get a bonus Annihilation / Command Barge completed whilst I was in a painting mood. Used this as a test for painting my other Necrons vehicles, and the intention is that I'll repaint my Monoliths to match - since they were speed painted Boltgun metal to be used in a tournament a few years ago.

Time for some eye candy....

Annihilation Barge - The Tesla weapon (can't remember the name) is removable so I can swap it back to a command barge. As is the weapon underneath to swap between Tesla and Gauss.

Cryptek - His back plating is Ice blue to separate him from the other Necron characters. I also painted up a few smaller details on there in the same blue to pick them out.

10 Tesla Immortals - These guys have a white stripe down their foreheads to set them apart from warriors. Chose to arm them with Tesla Carbines as I already had a squad of 6 Gauss Blaster models.

5 Lychguard with Voidblades and Shields - These guys have gold crests and white face masks to make them more wraith like in appearance and also tie in that my elite units have elements of white on them in places.

Plastic Overlord from the Catacomb Command Barge. Lots of gold detailing on him, and a brass cloak to set him out in a crowd.

Imotekh the Stormlord - Was struggling for what colour to use for him, but ended up with a Jade green cloak... Which ironically is the same colour I use for my Ork skin. He won't like that one bit...

Tazyn the Infinite shares the same white face mask as the Lychguard since he can end up regenerating into one of them. Blue for his cloak since his GW model had a lot of blue elements. Also a little easter egg, he's got a "keyring" with some Eldar runes and a Tau symbol. The Eldar rune is painted as Ulthwe and the Tau symbol is painted as a Farsight enclave, for if I ever get around to doing a Tau force.

Planning get June's painting pledge up in the next few days, since we're already 1/5th through the month.


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