Friday, 12 April 2013

April Painting Pledge - Eldar Vehicles - Progress #4

Morning folks.

Made a bit of progress on Wednesday night with my Eldar pledge, managing to get my Falcon painted, washed and based ready for warfare!

I'm much happier with the wash on the bone coloured flat plates on this vehicle, so might re-do the older ones another time.

While I had the chance, I did the black basecoat on the Eldar Warwalkers too, so that they had plenty of time to dry but I've not had chance to make a start on painting them up yet.

On top of all that, we managed to squeeze a 1,000pt (2 x 500pt players) game in for a bit yesterday afternoon which let me try out my Brotherhood of the Forge. I really enjoyed getting to use the Sisters of Battle codex, especially since I've not looked at it at all during 6th edition. And also the fact I bothered to read the basic Sister's infantry Act of Faith again and read the bit about re-rolling 1s to hit in shooting and assault.

So... the Brotherhood of the Forge will take to the battlefield on Monday night!


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