Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April Painting Pledge - Eldar Vehicles - Progress #3

Morning folks.

Another progress update from me last night. I managed to get a fair chunk of work done on my Eldar Falcon. Got the brass and bone areas painted up whilst I had the chance to and made some progress on the Falcon turret.

Tonight's job will be to finish off the Falcon completely by painting the cockpits, assorted Gems on the hull and weaponry, touch up the black areas and then give the entire thing a wash.

Hopefully I can blast through that bit quite quickly and get onto basecoating the War Walkers and leave them to dry overnight. It's a shame as if I get the Falcon done, I could make good progress on the War Walkers - I should have basecoated them at the same time as the other vehicles so they were ready to go straight onto.

Who knows, maybe I can get this month's painting done in a fortnight? HERESY!

If the unthinkable does happen and I manage to finish them, I've got myself a Dark Angels Devastator squad to finish off, an Immolator to paint and various bits to build, so there'll be a Painting Pledge Plus, later on this month.



  1. Looking good thus far. I will be waiting to see the assorted gems addition. Feel free to check out my latest post and tell me your thoughts. Nathan's Fiction Sphere