Monday, 11 February 2013

February Painting Pledge - Ravenwing and Chaplain Complete

Morning chaps!

After not doing any painting all week I found myself having a flurry of activity on Friday and Saturday night. I've now got 1/3rd of my painting pledge for the month finished and hopefully I can plough on with the rest through this week.

First up are my Dark Vengeance Ravenwing bikers. Now these guys are covered in all sorts of details, winged fronts to the bikes, purity seals and a different back "fin" wing design to the older Ravenwing Bikers.

So in other words, I don't feel like they'll blend into the rest of the bikers I have properly... the hope is to get myself another set of the Bikers and use them as a Ravenwing command squad, but this'll be at a later time. Ideally I would convert the middle biker to be a standard bearer and the robed Sergeant into an Apothecary.

Whilst I was waiting for the wash on the Ravenwing to dry I thought I would make a start on something else and wasn't really up for painting loads of layers of bone on the Deathwing, or starting on the tactical marines so I grabbed the Dark Vengeance Chaplain and started work on him instead.

To be fair, there's not a lot of exposed armour on this guy, so to me it looks like I've just left his armour un-painted, as the bulk of the model is the cloak, details covering the shoulders or the front tabbard thing. Either way, I'm really pleased with this guy (apart from a black splodge on the back of his cloak) as I was worried with him being a limited edition model whether I would actually get round to painting him.

Also, the back smoke chimneys I didn't realise until I looked in the Codex last night - Asmodai's ones give off grey ashy smoke rather than flames. But I think I did enough grey / black drybrushing on those areas to make it more smoke than flame.

I think the model looks really nice, but the sheer amount of model that's covered by robes and cloth annoys me. It'll be the same with the Captain and Librarian too, although their armour colours will be easier to spot no doubt.

  • Paint 10 Dark Angels Tactical Marines
  • Paint 5 Deathwing Terminators
  • Paint 3 Ravenwing Bikers
  • Paint Dark Angel Chaplain
  • Paint Dark Angel Captain
  • Paint Dark Angel Librarian
  • Paint Cypher
  • Buy the Dark Angels Codex

So, this weeks plan is to finally decide whether to paint my Tactical marines in the darker green armour I used for Cypher and then make headway with them.

The hope is that I can get the tactical marines and Captain done (since they're majority same colours) and dusted over the space of a week, then spend the remainder of the month on the Deathwing and the Librarian as a final treat.

Looking good this month folks, setting myself these goals is really helping to blast through backlogs - even more so when GW release new Codexes that I have to spend my hobby budget on, rather than new minis.


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