Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tyranid Rumours

Hi All,

Angryman here, its been a very long time since I have posted anything so I thought I'd start out with something nice and simple.

The folks over at Spikey bits blog have heard a rumour or two regarding my favorite army, the Tyranids. 

"From Faeit via Spikey Bits Blog:

Please remember that these are rumors, early rumors at that, so please apply as the author mentions.

Q4 2013 40k goes to Eldar supposedly, so will be early/late Q4 2013/Q1 2014. May be Q3 2013. Not entirely sure. There will be a codex release and there may be a WD/model release earlier. That would push the codex back though.

Kit released for harpy that will make a second FMC - current playtest name hydra. Harpy will remain anti-infantry, hydra to be anti flyer/vehicle.
Synapse will go back to giving eternal warrior - and instinctive behavior will be radically changed.
For other new kits - nothing major. Prime plastic kit, shrike upgrade pack, and lastly, a new MC that is built off of infiltrating and will have a snacking rule similar to the fantasy ghorgon.

next two Rumors should be taken with even more salt then normal - there will be multiple large plastic kit that is a multiple option kit that can make warriors/zoanthropes/lictors, one that can make venomthropes/raveners, and one that will make biovores/pyrovores and one for tyrant guard/hive guard. The finecast models are getting changed up a bit - will move to plastic. Also, some of these kits may be condensed into one box. Secondly - Ward is writing the dex. Extra salt here folks - extra salt.

Once again, keep in mind this is a long ways off and these are playtest rules."

Could it be true that my beloved nids are finally getting some love!!!

All comments welcome.


  1. Seen these rumours around for a while now. Some of it doesn't make sense much like re-doing the Raveners to be a dual kit and read somewhere about some other dual kits that wouldn't make sense much.

    To me, this is what they should do...

    1. Release a Warrior Prime Model or even a conversion kit. Different head, armour plates and tail.

    2. Release Mycetic Spores.

    3. Model for the Harpy which is a dual kit with a 2nd flying MC, give rules for it in WD.

    4. Release a WD update that makes Fexes cheaper so people want to take them over a Trygon/Mawloc.

    5. Dual kit for Venomthropes and Zoanthropes

    6. Parasite of Mortrex finecast.

    7. Shrikes upgrade kit rather than Forge World.

    8. Dual kit for Pyrovore / Biovore

    9. Make the Pyrovore's flamer better. To me it should be like the Guard Banewolf cannon thing. Poisoned AP3.

    That's everything I can think of off the top of my head as a new Tyranid player.

  2. your changes make a lot more sense, Eternal Warrior in synapse range is just daft. it was good in the previous codex as it made them survivable but with the amount of psychic powers around and cover saves etc it isnt needed (and thats from a hard core nid player). the only thing extra id wish for is some anti air power, make the biovore able to fire surface to air spores as well, with an appropriate cost uplift. The guard have flyers and hydras and access to the AA batteries, and most other races have some sort of flyer with access to the AA guns. to be useful the Pyrovore needs 2W. I agree the spore needs to be released and the fexes made cheaper. Id love to take fexes and trygons in my lists but because of the points its one or the other.