Wednesday, 9 January 2013

To make grey... great

I haven't made as much progress on Vorenus as planned, so I am going to do an update next week on him.

Today, I plan to tell you how I want to play my Grey Knights from now on... I am currently reading the new Grey Knight book by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (by far my favourite author). It got me itching to use my Grey Knights again (just as his Night Lords books got me to start a Night Lords army). But I don't want to play a uber-boring net list, I want to play how Grey Knights are imagined in the old fluff.

So I am playing with them this coming Monday using a fast assault and deep striking army. I will have two units of 5 terminators who will be my reserve with a Grand Master (I took this guy to make my other units scoring) I will also have two units of 10 interceptors (jump infantry) who will start on the board, backed up by a DreadKnight with a teleporter.

Now to make my games a little more fun and give my Grey Knights a reason to fight, I am going to dig what was always badly thought out in the last Codex... The enemy HQ is a Daemon!!!! That's the idea, now here is the rules:

The enemy Warlord is corrupt, no matter how loyal, they are corrupt! The Grey Knights will stop them!

At the beginning of each of the enemies turns they roll a dice, if the number is equal or above the turn number nothing happens and you roll again next turn (this stops the Daemon turning up first turn) if they roll below the turn number then their Warlord is replaced with a Daemon Prince from Codex: Chaos Space Marines. If their Warlord was in combat then the Daemon Prince is now locked in combat, all models (friend or foe) are moved the minimum distance to allow the Daemon Prince to be placed.

Once the Daemon Prince has been placed roll a D6 and follow the chart below:

1: The Daemon Prince does not fully form, he loses all his wargear and special rules and does not gain any benefits of a god. But does keep his Warlord Trait

2: The Daemon Prince keeps his wargear and Warlord Trait and becomes a Daemon of Khorne (Gains Rage and Furious Charge)

3: The Daemon Prince keeps his wargear and Warlord Trait and becomes a Daemon of Nurgle (gains shrouded and T6)

4: The Daemon Prince keeps his wargear and Warlord Trait and becomes a Daemon of Slaanesh (gains fleet and rending)

5: The Daemon Prince keeps his wargear and Warlord Trait and becomes a Daemon of Tzeentch (gains re-roll all saving throws)

6: The controlling Player gets to choose one of the above options.

If the opposing player is using Codex: Chaos Space Marines and their Warlord isn't a Daemon Prince then they follow the above rules unless the model already has a mark then the Daemon Prince automatically has the corresponding mark (no need to roll) from the chart above. Furthermore, if they roll on the Chaos Boon table and roll either Spawndom or Daemonhood they follow the above rules instead of the Codex rules. (Meaning no Warlord turning into a spawn). If the opposing player choses a Daemon Prince as their warlord, or is using Codex: Chaos Daemons then the Grey Knights are already needed so disregard these rules.

So there you go. The only things I haven't planned for are, Tyranids and Necrons. It's hard to explain them becoming Daemons. I would consider letting the Necron Warlord turn into a C'tan shard with two random upgrades.

What do you guys think? This doesn't add any extra Victory Points, just gives a bit of story and a side mission to make the games a bit more fun. I am going to try it out on Monday, and any game my opponents will let me. If I get plenty of positive feedback I might even ask people in tournaments if they want to add it into our games (but I don't expect much from that).


  1. Im looking forward to see how this plays out, if its good then it might be worth including it in more games - genestealer cult.............

  2. The problem with tyranids is that their Warlords are usually either the Swarmlord, or a Hive Tyrant, and they are much better than a Daemon Prince. I want my opponent to be almost begging for their Warlord to turn, add a bit of tension for if the Grey Knights can kill them quick enough.