Monday, 3 December 2012

November Painting Pledge - Final Update

Hullo folks,

I'm aware it's currently December 3rd, but I managed to finish off the remainder of my November painting pledge over the weekend, along with extra stuff painted on top of the original list.

The hardest part of the painting pledge stuff is when I need to spray. I leave work in the morning and it's dark, get home and it's dark, can't spray indoors and no longer have access to a garage to do my spraying. So it means I'm limited to weekends and only then if it's not too busy and baby Badger lets me.

So the original November pledge was as follows...
- 1 Farseer
- 1 Autarch on Jetbike
- 5 Jetbikes

- Archon trophy racks
- Wyches weapon arms
- Raiders dark lance

- 6 Eldar War Walkers
- 3 Wave Serpents
- 1 Falcon
- As much Dark Eldar as I can get out of the rest of the spray can!
And proud to say, everything on that list got done and more! I managed to spray the remaining Eldar bits up after getting a new can of Chaos Black and the weather keeping dry on Saturday. So now I'm trying to decide what to go with for my December pledge (tomorrow's post).

Along with those, I got a bit of evening painting time on Friday and Saturday to chip away at the pile of Dark Eldar I got hold of last month.

Haemonculis with a little box thing... Use him as a Shattershard with a Venom Blade.

Archon with Power Weapon / Venom Blade, Phantasm Grenade Launcher and a Soul Trap.

3 Reaver Jetbikes. One nearest camera has a heat lance underneath.

The Haemonculis was the most awkward thing out of all these to paint. I reckon I could have knocked out the jetbikes and the Archon in a night on their own, but I kept having to go back and touch up details I'd missed on all the others - along with about 20 layers of Cadian fleshtone on the Haemonculis' coat.

So yeah, expect December's pledge tomorrow after I decide what I'll be getting done tonight...

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