Monday, 26 November 2012

November Painting Pledge - Update #3

Righto, a quick one here.

Had quite a productive weekend mostly due to a Saturday morning without work and having a free house.

Friday night I repaired all my second hand Dark Eldar stuff and got them ready for spraying if the weather was going to hold. Whilst checking some stuff out though, I found the Archon I had got had lost his trophy rack on the back and part of his helmet was broken. No bother though, I had plenty to repair him with...

Sorry for the absolutely terrible picture...

So I converted this alternate Archon with a power weapon / venom blade (wanting to keep him cheap) and a Phantasm Grenade Launcher. I figure I can attach him to my Incubi as a grenade dispenser for them. I tried to give him the creepiest helmet I could find but it was only once I'd glued this one on that I found the Wych helmet that's just a big visor. I might go back and swap them later on.

Saturday morning I got all that Dark Eldar stuff sprayed, and learnt a few tricks along the way which I'll post tomorrow. Some are obvious stuff most hobbyists would know, but nevertheless if it helps anyone, it'll be worth it.

In total, all this got sprayed:
- Haemonculis
- Archon
- Raider
- 3 Venoms
- 10 Wyches
- 10 Hellions
- 3 Reavers
- 15 Kabalite Warriors
- Razorwing
- Normal Eldar weapon platform weapons (I forgot to paint these when I did Guardians!)

Then, Saturday night I tried to chip away at the mass of black undercoated figures and thought the Venoms would be a good start.

Finished them off last night, along with bases ready to be used from now on - although I'm not sure what I would put in them anymore... These ones have cockpit glass painted because 1. they were glued on and 2. I couldn't be bothered painting the pilots inside.

HURRAH. More Splinter Cannons.
That's my progress for the weekend and thought I did well in November to hit my goals. Only thing I can think that didn't get done was the Eldar stuff sprayed - BUT - I tried to spray the War Walkers and lots of bits fell apart, so they're repaired now and ready to go next weekend.


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