Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Spray Undercoating - 3 quick tips

Hullo folks.

On Saturday I used a few tricks that I'd been waiting to try out for next time I sprayed and figured they may be of some use to people. They're probably dead obvious to most people, but meh, worth passing on.

1. Drinking straw keeping skimmer stems clear of paint.
I used to have horrible times with Sand on the clear plastic skimmer bases, anytime I tried to paint the black it would always look semi-transparent or the sand would snap off with the brush strokes. So now, I use the spraying stage to get the bases ready.

But I found a REALLY easy way to spray them and keep the paint off the bit you want to be clear plastic. And also helps a bit giving you something to grip that doesn't smudge stuff.

The answer is a McDonalds drinking straw. Other brands are probably good, it's just one this diameter can go around the ball joint flying stems comfortably.

Put the straw over the stem. Grip the thing by pinching the straw on the stem (so you're gripping the stem with the straw as a shield) and spray away at all angles.

Then simply remove the straw and voila. Clear flying stem and no paint. Maybe a little gap of sand around the edge, but few dots of black paint fixes that.

2. Barbecue Skewer + Blu Tack = Fiddly bits holder
Simple this one. Get a barbecue skewer or other long thin sturdyish object (pens, rulers etc.). The thinner the better as it'll allow you to get more spray on the things you're spraying.

Then, blobs of blu tack on the bits you want to attach, stick them onto the skewer, spray from all angles and then remove easily. I used this for my Eldar heavy weapons this weekend and was left with a tiny bit of bare plastic, but quick dab of black fixed that.

3. Blu tack over any bits you don't want sprayed.
Dead obvious this, but if you smooth over some blu tack over areas you don't want sprayed you can then just peel it straight off when done.

For example, I had the above second hand Razorwing with the cockpit glued in place which I didn't want to get sprayed. Cover in blu tack, peel off afterwards and all is well.

Remove the blu tack and perfectly clean transparent cock pit. Job done.

I know a lot of people swear by masking tape, but in past experiences the stuff I've used tends to leave a bit of gunk behind on the model afterwards or takes a while to dry because the back of it absorbs the paint. Found that blu tack can peel off pretty quick afterwards and leaves no mess.

And also... I didn't have any masking tape in and that would have meant going to the shop...

So yeah, if any of that helps you then I'm glad to have been of help to you all!

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