Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Road to Britcon: Stops 3+4

A couple of Mondays ago I played against our local New Guy Andy, and his Imperial guard. This was the first game I faced a fortification (a Bastion) and the Eradicator (which really hurt). This was more of a friendly game and we both made mistakes and then jumped back to redo things. I destroyed the bastion after we both forgot about it shooting in the first turn, then Creed stabbed himself from Mindshackling. When my Nightscythe appeared and dropped 15 warriors infront of his Eradicator hoping to glance it to death, instead it was left with one hull point and it then turned round and blasted the lot into dust. The game ended with a win to the Necrons but Andy had managed to almost grab the win back with some lucky dice, unfortunately he wasn't quite lucky enough.

My last practice game I swapped the 5 destroyers for 8 Scarabs (because I had them to hand) and added two normal Destroyers with the Heavy destroyers for a couple extra wounds. I was up against Angryman and his Tyranids again and we we playing Big guns never tire, meaning his Trygons were now scoring and my Monolith. Angryman also rolled for the Swarmlord to be a scoring unit giving Angryman 8 scoring units!!! Against my 5. I had a decent start wounding a Tervigon 3 times and holding up an entire flank with my scarabs. Angryman then blasted my destroyers with everything gaining First Blood and making me believe I was going to lose as I don't have any other Anti-Monsterous Creature weapons.

Fortunately my Destroyer Lord managed to challenge and make his Alpha Warrior and Swarmlord with his Mindshakle, unfortunately we remembered the next day that they both had eternal warrior. The game ended with me desperately trying to kill a final Trygon with 2 wounds left, after my Stalker somehow miraculously beating his other. It ended at 9-(5 or 6) to Angryman, it was a lot closer than I was expecting and a good final practice.

Now all eyes towards tomorrow and Game 1. I will try to keep a running Blog of MAWS progress and my own personal battles (hopefully with Pics)

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  1. it was a close game, goddamn mindshackle scarabs, failing 2 ld10's on 3 dice, if only we'd have remembered the swarmlord gained eternal warrior through a psychic power....
    I couldn't believe a necron stalker beat a trygon in CC. Thank god i can spawn out countless scoring units, otherwise i'd have lost the game.