Thursday, 24 May 2012

New 40K Flyers

Morning folks,

These have been floating around since lunchtime yesterday, but I thought I'd share here for people who don't check the regular / un-mobile friendly blogs and sites (and also, chime in with some witty opinions...)

Images are taken from: HERO's Gaming Blog

Space Marine Stormtalon

I know there's a lot of people who really don't like this model, and initially I was put off. Everyone disliked the Stormraven on it's reveal too. Personally though, I like both models and I especially LOVE the idea of a SM flyer gunship. I'm not sure what role it will have in comparison to the cheaper, lighter armoured Land Speeder, but we'll see.
The only downside here is according to what people have said about the rules, it will only be for Codex: Space Marines for the time being. Which means my Dark Angels army, and people at the club who have Blood Angels and Space Wolves will miss out on this for the time being.

Necron Doom Scythe / Night Scythe

This is pretty much as it is in the codex. I'm not massively keen on the "Flying Croissant" look, but that's the Necron visual style of Battlefleet Gothic ships after all. I do like the fact that it's a dual kit though, the annoyance for me with the Dark Eldar fighter is that it only gives you the Razorwing, not the Void Raven (however, this could be to do with the AV difference).

Ork Burna Bomma / Dakka Jet / Blitza Bomma

Now then, these Ork planes, I love. The only downside is that I already have 2 Fighta-Bommas made up at home so probabl won't be buying these. The upside is that I can now use my Fighta-Bomma conversions in normal games of 40K! My only hope is that they're in the Fast Attack slot, rather than Heavy Support competing with Battlewagons, Kans and Dreads.

Hopefully this is the first of many flyer additions into 40k. I loved the Valkyrie model when that came out, so much so that I bought 3, and love seeing them on the table. The rules don't really suit Flyers at the moment though, so hopefully 6th ed will add another layer onto this. But yeah - more flyers for all the races please!!

What do you guys all reckon to these? Looking forward to seeing them on the table and more coming for other races?

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  1. i like the models, the rumoured armour of the SM flyer (AV11) might put a lot of people off but it might be offset by the points cost and the wepons it can carry, if its any good i hopefully be able to fit one into my salamanders army. The necron and orc flyers look good, cant wait to tsee them on the table

  2. I quite like the SM flyer, the bit that puts me off is the oversized nose gun, it looks just a little too big. I love the Necron flyers and am considering adding one into my lists, the only problem being I think the rules are rubbish for the points, I might try one for a test, but I think an extra 25pts for the Monolith might just be the decider.

  3. Not too keen on the Marine one but the Ork one looks superb! And they're not too badly priced especially if you don't buy direct.

    Worryingly, 40k scale Aeronautica Imperialis is beginning to seem like a great idea.