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Angryman here again, I've got 20 mins free time at work so I thought I'd post another blog.


This is one of the specialist games range that Games workshop operates.  The rules, background info and other resources can be found on the GW website

Necromunda resources

The game is set in the 40K universe on the planet of Necromunda.  you take control of a 'gang' and fight for domination against other gangs in the depths of one of the planets hive cities.

We have started to play this game again at the club as we fancied a change from 40K.  This game allows us to play something different but not so different that we are learning from scratch.  Its an easy game to pick up, the rules are free, you can use existing terrain from the your 40K games, you don't need a lot of models to play.  The models you do use can be converted from existing GW stock, rather than buying the specialist models, that way you save money.

The gang I have chosen is the Orlocks

They are the all rounders of the Necromunda game (a bit like vanilla marines).  There are various other gangs ranging from the spyers (spoilt rich kids in supersuits) to the redemptionists (crazy zealots with flamer weapons).

Once everyone has had a couple of weeks practise we will be running a campaign.  The good thing about a campaign is that your guys get better as they progress, this means that you 'watch' your guys grow, you can personalise them with names on the gang roster, add and paint weapons on them etc, its a bit more involved than picking a 40K and fighting one battle.

The original terrain for Necromunda was made from cardboard, unfortunately it is no longer produced by GW so you can only really buy it off ebay (and it can go for a lot of money).  Luckily some of the MAWS club members have some of the original terrain so we wage gang warfare in the old school underhive.

In your gang roster you can include bounty hunters, renegades, ogryn bodyguards etc to add more punch in your gang.

It is a very good game to play and I'd recommend it anyone who want to start a gaming hobby on the cheap or like us who fancy a change from 40K.

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