Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Flicker fields

Hi all,

Angryman here with a short rant


how many 5+ invul saves can a paper aeroplane make?????

how many of you hate these things as much as me OR how many of you Dark Eldar pain boy lovers don't leave your webway without them??

all comments welcome


  1. Null Zone always works for the pesky flicker fields invulnerable saves!

  2. As discussed yesterday whilst I was playing another maws dark spamdar flickerp(l)ain fan boy - I really do hate them. Don't mind it against shooting attacks but way too overpowered in close combat when they're generally moving 12 so hitting on 6's.

    My new nemesis is the soul grinder busting talos, but at least nurgle out poisoned the new poisoned kids on the block - just !!!!!

  3. Ah well, get over it. It's like complaining about Necrons reanimation protocols, an entire army of FNP Nurgle stuff, the fact that every Daemon has Eternal Warrior, etc. etc.

    It's still only an AV10 vehicle and open topped, which means that it can be destroyed by a stray bolter shot or in combat, anything beefier than a Guardsman can swat it down (if they hit).

    Yeah, it's annoying. But every army has those annoying factors. For me it's the Eldar thing that lets them roll 3D6 for psychic tests.

  4. I also hate cats so an appropriate picture used lol.

    Poisoned weapons ignore decent toughness. Talos is tougher than a GUO !!! No FNP against that MF.

    Flicker fields shouldnt be a no brainer they should be pointed accordingly. Cheaper than extra armour ???

    At the end of the day dark spamdar will get out spanned in the next dex of 40k.

    Signing off from my rant as a result of work boredom. See what else I can moan at if someone else does another blog. Fingers crossed angryman does - tactics: doom of arseanthia

  5. Well well what can i add flickerfields cause a raider to flicker in and out of reality. I like them and they increase the overall cost by 1/6 and raiders cost were bumped up in this codex they used to be 35 points I think. So really broken we now pay double for a transport with a gun. So remember the past before the you see the future.

  6. they are now 1/3 MORE survivable even with the points cost increase but remind me how many 5+ saves you passed on monday night, goddamn paper planes!!!!

  7. It also didnt have a flicker field, splinter wracks !!! :p

  8. I have always been quite open how you kill the de mass firepower and kill the planes and victory is yours!!!!

  9. Whats the other things called that they can have where you add 6" to the range to the target vehicle, combine that with flicker fields and you get very survivable paper planes.

  10. Night Shields - you reduce the range of shooting at the vehicle by 6".