Thursday, 1 December 2011

Arminius tournament results

Hi All,

Angryman here.  Another weekend another tournament!! the wife wasn't too happy about me having back to back tournaments but I go where the dice will.

This weekend was a 3 game 2000 point tournament held by the Lost Boys war gaming club (no, they are not vampires).  It was a campaign styled tournament, the thread to the tournament is here


I was running out my old faithful Tyranids (Hive Fleet Tattybojangles)

so onto the gaming results.  My first game I was drawn against an imperial guard army.  I was hoping it wasn't a net list leaf blower army (I hate those things).  The list I was playing had the 3 vendettas but no hydras, no melta or plasma spam and the guy playing them was a good laugh.  The game was kill points (not a good match up for Tyranids vs Guard)

I ended up losing the game, mainly because his 50 blob squad would not run away (damn the stubborn LD9 commissar) from combat with my Hive Tyrant but it was a fun game to play.

The 2nd game i was paired against an Eldar army, this was different from a lot of Eldar lists as it was mainly on foot and only had 2 Wave Serpents.  My Hive Guard were fantastic in this game, everything they shot they killed.  The game was objectives.

I won this game and held all 5 objectives.

My last game was against a Necron army.  Because of when the lists had to be submitted and when the new Necron codex was released I was playing the old rules Necrons.  3 Monoliths and only Hive Guard to shoot them with.  My TMC's wouldn't be able to hurt them because of the old living metal rule.  I thought there was no way I could hurt them.  The game was bases.

With a lot of luck (he blew up one of his monoliths) I managed a win in the 7th turn.

Out of 20 players I finished 7th.  I was happy with this considering I don't have a lot of shooting in my list AND i was nominated for best painted army.  This has never happened to me before, it made my day!!!  Unfortunately for me my club mate Pete won best painted army with his Vostroyans (he deserved it, fantastically painted army).

I'm considering running my Salamanders out at the next tournament in February 2012 at the Northern Warlords club.

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