Monday, 21 November 2011

Toy soldier doubles 40k 2011

Angryman and I attended the above tournament this weekend, and we had some fun games and a lot of close ones.

Our first game was against a space wolf and guard combo. They had three vendettas, surprise surprise, and a smattering of troops. We had expected this sort of list so with a melta dread, an assault cannon dread and an ironclad dread all in pods, along with two units of missile long fangs, and a few other meltas lying around we thought we would have a good chance. But after shooting every weapon at two vendettas we managed to shake one of them. That is then how the rest of the game went on, we managed to scrape a draw with some late game objective grabs and contesting.

The second game was against guard and grey knights. This had only two vendettas along with two hydras and a land raider crusader. Again we thought we would be able to cope, but again we couldn't seem to do more than shake the vendettas. On turn 5 we had managed to grab a draw with some lucky positioning again, but unfortunate the game carried on until turn 7 and we were left with a solid loss.

Game three we were paired up against a couple of lads we played at the last stockport doubles tournament where we took tyranids. These two had taken tyranids then as well and had once again. We always have a good laugh with these two and after giving them a good hammering for the third time we all left in high spirits from the game parting with a few tips and tricks to try and help them out in their games ahead.

Our fourth game was once again guard and grey knights, but this time three vendettas and three "psyflemen" dreads. We knew we had to kill the vendettas first and then the dreads so that our superior range would work for us. In turn two it looked like that was going to happen. We had killed two vendettas, immobilised one, and blew up a dread. But our opponents were still one kill point ahead. By turn 5 it was a stalemate with them out of our range but still a point ahead. We tried a last ditch attempt to even out but luck was against us and we ended the game 2 kill points down.

Our last game was drawn against the Swarmlords from game three, but free much confusion we ended up against mishap impossible (sanguinius and suicide badger). We began the game just messing about as both our teams were mid-table from a couple of bad luck games. It soon heated up and it ended a lot closer than anyone expected with us winning 7kp to 5kp.

So at the end of the tourney we had a good time excluding a couple of people. Angryman will post a more in depth review along with our actual position at the end.

From the side of a maternity bed,
Col.Straken signing out!!!


  1. Now I don't feel bad for giving u that Wolves n Guard list with 1 vendetta / hydra!

  2. that was still a horrible list you brought, fun to play against though!!!