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Silly puppies - 40K doubles

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Angryman here.  Following on from Col Strakens post regarding the recent tournament we attended, here is the link to the final results

We finished 7th out of 12 teams and scored 53 out of a maximum 100 tournament points.  Considering there was 10 points between 4th and 8th place (7 between us and 4th) I'm very happy with where we finished.  There is also an 'alternative' 40K table on the link, I'll explain why.  One of the teams had an extra 200 points worth of models over the 1800 point limit.  This only came to light on the 2nd day of the tournament after 3 games had already been played.  There were various debates over whether this was blantent cheating or 'absent mindedness', considering it was the same person in the last doubles tournament we attended at Stockport and the shit he was pulling there I'd go with he was a complete and utter cheating bastard who was caught out (he walked out of his 3rd game when it came to light how many points he had and didn't show up for the 2nd day).  We finally have a new player term, there is noob, competitive, WAAC and now CAAC (cheat at all costs - or bellend as we know him as).  now the rant is over with I'll explain why the alternative table is there.  After the final positions for the 5th game had been decided and everyone knew about the cheating, every team who had played him on day 1 had there scores amended to a 20 - 0 win against him, this drastically altered the positions in the table so it meant that some teams where playing 'weaker' opponents in the last game when they should have been playing teams of equal ability etc, this also meant that in games 2, 3 and 4 the rankings where wrong.  despite all this the tournament was very enjoyable.

At the start of the tournament I was dreading playing a Grey Knight army with Psyfileman Dreads or 3 Vendetta / Hydra spam Guard list, guess what we played......

Game 1

We came up against a Space Wolf and Imperial Guard army (3 vendettas).  This games wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, we couldn't destroy a Vendetta to save our lives but managed to get a losing draw (tied on objectives but lost on victory points).

Game 2

We fought a Grey Knight and Imperial Guard army (2 Vendettas and 2 Hydras).  This game swung back and forth during the turns.  If the game had ended on turn 5 then it would have been a draw (we may have  lost on victory points)  but unfortunately for us the game went to turn 7 and we lost.

Game 3

We were paired against a Tyranid army (my favorite) I cannot remember these guys names but they are really fun to play against.  because of the deployment their synapse was spread right across the board and we had deployed in the right hand corner, by turn 3 all their synapse had been destroyed so on the 4th turn they conceded.  There were no bad feelings at all, it was a great game, we gave them a few tips on how to use their Tyranids in the future so they can get more out of them.

Game 4

We played a Grey Knight (3 or 4 pysfileman dreads) and Imperial Guard army (3 Vendettas).  This list i had tipped for winning the tournament, it had a LOT of high strength fire power.  We managed to destroy 2 Vendetta's and a Dreadnought (finally our shooting did something).  The mission was kill points and at this point we were losing something like 6 - 5 so the game turned into chess, our guns were the same range as theirs so they moved out of range of ours but because we had to kill more units to draw or win we tried a risky move but it didn't work out for us.  We lost the game on kill points but it was a very enjoyable game.

Game 5

We finally played Suicide Badger and Sanguinius who were using their Chaos Daemons.  This was a great game, we pissed about all throughout the game, had a good laugh and luckily won the game (kill points mission) even though an ironclad couldn't kill off the last wound on the last bloodcrusher for 4 rounds of combat (yes it did had both C.C. arms still).

All in all it was a good tournament, we played against 8 Vendettas, 2 Hydras and 3 or 4 Psyfileman Dreadnoughts but didn't do as badly as i thought we would against them.

Lessons Learnt??

Don't take a power fist on the tactical squad's sergeant if I'm taking melta weapons, that way I can afford to change my basic Dreadnought into a 2nd one (gotta love those guys!!!!)

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