Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Very brief battle report

Hi all Angryman here.

Monday night I pitted some of my newly painted Salamanders against Brother Captain Uriel Ventris's Ultramarines.

It was 1500 points, objectives (3) and Dawn of war setup.

I won the roll for deployment and opted to deploy 2nd.

My list consisted of
Vulkan He'stan
5 THSS termies
land raider redeemer with melta
Iron clad with heavy flamer in a pod
Dreadnought with heavy flamer in a pod
10 man tactical with pow fist, flamer and miss launcher in a rhino with extra armour
2 5 man tactical squads with a lascannon razorback each

I can't recall in great detail the Ultramarine list but it went roughly like this
Chaplin Cassius
5 man sternguard in razorback with lascannon/TL plasma gun
10 man tactical with plasma cannon / plasma gun in rhino
10 man tactical with miss launcher in rhino
10 man terminator squad, 2 chainfists, cyclone miss launcher, assault cannon
Chaplin in terminator armour
2 attack bikes with multimeltas
Landspeeder with heavybolter

The ultramarines combat squaded the 2 tactical squads and set up the heavy weapons with good lines of fire in buildings and the other half of the tactical squads occupied an objective and deployed in a rhino.  I setup nothing on the board.

Turn 1  - Ultramarines

The huge terminator squad advanced towards the objuective the salamnders were holding, the 2 attack bikes turboboosted forwards and the rhino with the marines advanced.

Turn 1 - Salamanders

The Ironclad dropped down in the pod near an ultramarine objective, the 2 razorbacks with squads moved on, the landraider and the rhino moved on.  The razorbacks shot at a rhino and did nothing, the ironclad did nothing (very bad turn of shooting)

Turn 2 - Ultramarines

the razorback arrived from reserve, an attack bike moved behind the ironclad, the terminators advanced, the other attack bike advanced.  The Ironclad was destroyed by a melta from the attack bike, a lascannon was shot off the razorback.

Turn 2 - Salamanders

The other drop pod arrived with the dreadnought, the rhino and landraider advanced towards an ultramarine objective.  both Ultramarine attack bikes were destroyed, a rhino was immobolised and the other stunned and storm bolter destroyed.

Turn 3 - Ultramarines

The landspeeder arrives and moves into cover, the terminators advance towards the Salamander objective (this unit scares me), the rhino moves away from the Salamander objective.  The razorback moves to get a better shot.  The las/plas razor back shoots at the landraider but does nothing, the terminators shoot at the dreadnought and destroy its close combat arm, the miss launchers misses the salamander rhino.

Turn 3 Salamanders

One razorback with a squad re-claims an objective, the other razorback drives off in order to contest the an Ultramarine objective late on in the game, the rhino moves towards the other Ultramarine objective, the Landraider moves towards the same objective and disembarks the terminators and Vulkan whilst the dreadnought moves to claim a cover save.  In the shooting phase the dread shoots the rhino but does nothing, the landraider shoots at the rhino but does nothing, the 2 pods shoot the Ultramarine combat squads and kill 1 marine

Turn 4 - Ultramarine

The terminators move into charge range of the dreadnought, the razorback disembarks the sternguard, the combat squad holding an object moves back further into cover.  In the shooting phase a Salamander razorback (killing 2 marines) is destroyed and the rest of the army shoots the terminators but causes no damage (yay for me).  In the assault phase the terminators make short work of the dreadnought.

Turn 4 Salamanders

the rhino moves to claim the objective, the landraider moves up to support, the razorback moves away from the Ultramarine terminators in a hope to contest the Ultramarine objective, the Salamander terminators move into assault range of the las/plas razorback, Vulkan detaches from that squad and move towards the combat squad with the miss launcher.  In the shooting phase the landraider uses both flamestorms and kills all but 2 combat squad members and most of the sternguard, Vulkan runs towards the other combat squad, the pods take pot shots at combat squads.  In the assault phase the terminators destroy the razorback

Turn 5 Ultramarines

The terminators move towards the razorback, Cassius joins the remains of the combat squad and they move towards the objective, the last Salamander razorback was destroyed in the shooting phase.  In combat the terminators then assaulted the squad that emerged from the destroyed razorback and annihilated them.

Turn 5 Salamanders

The tactical squad from the rhino disembarked, the terminators ran towards the remaining sternguard, Vulkan changed his mind and ran back towards Chaplin Cassius, the remaining combat squad members ran towards the held Ultramarine objective whilst the landraider moved off and headed in the same direction.  In the shooting phase the landraider fired....and did nothing, the combat squad fired.... and killed 1 Ultramarine (not enought to cause a morale check), the tactical squad fired everything on the Cassius and the 2 survivors and killed the 2 marines, the 2 pods took pot shots..... and killed nothing.  In combat the terminators charged the sternguard and Vulkan charged Cassius - the showdown was set!!!!!!  The terminators bulldozed over the sternguard.  The HQ showdown was tense - it was my first outing for Vulkan, dice were rolled, wounds were scored and Vulkan was killed!!!!!!!  how did this happen??????  as a result The Ultramarines held one object and contested the Salamander objective and won 1 - 0.

I couldnt believe it it was only after the game i realised i should have combat squaded my full tactical squad so i could have used the miss launcher, oh well you live and learn.  Here are come pictures of the battle

The Ironclad is about to get a Melta in the ass
That rhino is gonna burn
evil man with red eyes
bye bye dreadnought
The showdown
As usual, all comments welcome


  1. What can i say. You got Cassius he laid a toughness 6 smack down. At 125 he is team awesome on his own.

  2. goddamn cassius - grudge match me thinks......