Sunday, 14 August 2011

How I've been spending my time

Hi all,

Angryman here, I've not posted anything for a while due to work, holidays etc, so  thought I'd share with you all what I've been upto hobby wise recently.

As I couldn't make any of the regular competitions I attend at this time of year I've been painting in order to fill my 40k tournament void.

I must apologize for the picture quality and the couch covers in the background (feel free to pass comment).

First off I decided to paint my Tyranid re-enforcements (as I'm using them on Monday night against Col. Straken).
A unit of Hive Guard

The Doom of Malan'tai and a Mysetic Spore

A Scythed Heirodule
The Doom and the Mysetic spore are non GW models.  I had made my own spore out of paper maiche and was collecting bits to convert a Doom but then I saw these models online, a few weeks later here is the end result.  The Heirodule is a forgeworld model that I got 2nd hand off a club mate.

After these had been painted I decided to paint my Baneblade, it won't win any golden daemon awards but it will do for club gaming.

I then made a start on my Salamander space marines, when I started collecting them I thought I'd treat myself so I bought forgeworld doors for my rhinos and land raider and shoulder pads for my terminators.   I've had these guys base coated for about a year and never got round to painting them properly so as the weather was crap and the riots were happening in Salford I decided to make a start

Each squad had a power fist, flamer, missile launcher and a rhino

Ironclad Dreadnought with melta gun, heavy flamer and drop pod

Dreadnought with multi melta, flamer and drop pod

Landspeeder with heavy flamer and multi melta

Landraider Redeemer with multi melta and terminators

Assault Terminators with thunder hammer and storm shields, these guys will form Vulcan's bodyguard

Predator with Autocannon, Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolter alongside a Whirlwind

The only thing missing from this army is Vulkan Hestan, as i get paid tomorrow he'll be top of my shopping list!!!

The army in all its painted glory (so far....)
Well that's it, I've been painting for a long time, my wife Isn't happy with me, I've not seen my kids for a few days as my face has been at the end of a brush but I think it was worth it, what do you think?

all comments welcome


  1. Nice going. You'll give me a run for my money with speed painting at this rate!

  2. Sometimes its not the quantity but the quality. Still Excellant work Well Done you nid bitch

  3. you marine scum, hang on, i've become marine scum NOOOOOOOOOOOO