Friday, 12 August 2011

Gaming Rustiness

Morning folks,

Thought I'd throw a quick one out here before the weekend sets in. Monday night, I had my first proper game back at the club, using a tweaked Dark Eldar list. It went ok, considering I'd not played using the Dark Eldar for a while (week before I played using Daemons), but as with any return to things, there's always going to be a bit of forgetfulness and "D'oh!" moments.

So here we go...

First up, I forgot to bring on my Beastmaster unit in Turn 1 while playing Dawn of War, so I then said I would leave them in reserve. This was an extremely stupid thing to do, as I had a Dreadnought outside my base in turn 1. Bringing them on would have denied the area he could drop down in and also reinforced my home objective.

Secondly, when the Beastmasters finally came on I brought them on the wrong side of the table. By about turn 2, as Angryman had committed his Land Raider, Terminators, Dread, Speeders etc. on one side of the table, I went to move all my Raiders, Venoms and units over to his objective - abandoning mine as he had no Scoring Units capable of claiming it. Anyways, I placed my Beastmasters down on the far right of the table thinking "I'll get them up as fast as I can to support the attack on his home objective".

That then left an un-harassed Dreadnought sat in the ruin that was my home objective, facing down 3 Wracks, who had no chance against the Dread. What I *SHOULD* have done, was bring the Beastmasters on (Turn 4) and then charge into the Dread, keeping him locked there, away from my base. I had 10 dogs, along with 3 Fiends, so with 4+ Invulns or whatever else, I maybe stood the chance of tying him up and forcing the Terminators to try and get there in time to stop the Wracks.

On the bright side, I remembered my Combat Drugs, remembered that I have Night Vision and even remembered that a Ravager has Armour 11 on the front and sides (although it didn't matter much, because it got Melta'd in the rear!).

And  I have to say, I had immense luck with some of my Flickerfield and cover saves. The Raiders and Venoms shrugged off a fair bit of fire, and it was only once they'd been stunned and bashed by Thunder Hammers that they actually got dragged down.

Ah well - such is the way with 40K. It was a top game either way, but I had way too many "Oh, you absolute pillock" moments for my liking.


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  1. I was really nervous about playing the dark eldar, especially after my last outing against them, i forgot half of my eldars armies rules. For this game i was determined not to forget anything especially when up against the dark eldar. The games went really wellm it was close, after the first turn i thought i was going to get mauled but somehow i managed to survive and pull a draw out of the hat, great game.