Friday, 5 August 2011

Badger's Log - Deathwing HQs

Ello all,

Blogs are like buses, you wait ages for one and then two show up together. I've been mega busy at work over the last month (still am) but I thought I'd chip in with some info and pics of what I've been working on at home.

First up, I've been hanging fire on getting a Space Marine army for ages, despite how many people said I should. I've never really liked the background of the poster boys of the Imperium and they've never really had a chapter that I liked. I toyed with the idea of Space Wolves for a while, but then there's 3 people at MAWS who have Wolf armies and I don't fancy making it 4. Then I thought about how I can make an elite army on the cheap - Deathwing.

If I was going to do Marines, I'd do them properly. Always being vastly outnumbered, but the hardest guys I can get onto the battlefield. Luckily, a bloke from MAWS was selling a LOT of GW stuff, so I picked up some stuff on the cheap ready to go.

I've assembled everything I've currently got (pictures over the weekend maybe?) but I thought since Col.Straken talked about conversions yesterday, I'd show off my Deathwing HQs in an unpainted state.

Belial with Lightning Claws - Magnetised on the arms to swap weaponry out.
Belial with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Belial with Storm Bolter and the Sword of Silence
Chaplain with Storm Bolter and Crozius Arcanum
Librarian with Force Weapon and Storm Bolter (Lots of Grey Knight bits used!!)
So yeah, they're all made from plastic assault terminators with various bits of I've bought or pestered to be given off other MAWS members.

Really excited to get painting these guys now though and get them used in games!


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