Thursday, 9 June 2011

Badger's Log - Duke Sliscus and Dark Eldar re-shuffle!

Morning all,

Over the last week or so, I've been hammering my Dark Eldar codex, eager to get back to playing with them, once I've finished prep work and practice for a Demo game we're doing soon.

After seeing the new Finecast stuff "in the flesh", realising how light they are, I've been extremely tempted by them and ended up buying a squad of Incubi as my tester unit, as they're my absolute favourite models in the army (perhaps even in the whole of 40K), but I would never have originally bought them, because they were metal.

I'm still waiting for them to show up in the post, but hopefully they'll be here soon.

Anyways, on top of this, I had been looking to see about getting some more scoring units into the army, along with a Raider... After buying the Incubi though, I was a bit skint, so thought instead about having a reshuffle of what I own.

So my old Incubi were made from Dark Elf Corsairs, I'd imagined them more like Swordsmen with 2 blades as opposed to the giant Klaives. However, everyone online seems to be using these cloaks to convert Duke Sliscus and units of Trueborn.

To make my Duke Sliscus, all I did was take the champion model from the unit and slap the Serpent banner on the back, so that he stands out above the rest of the unit. The model is armed closely enough to Sliscus, with the 2 blades being his Twin Venom Blades.

New and improved Duke Sliscus

They were originally Incubi, now Kabalite Warrior Corsairs, to accompany Sliscus!

I didn't fancy hacking the rest of the squad up though, or buying more arms and guns, so for now they'll stay as they are and all have Splinter Rifles (improved, thanks to Sliscus). I'll see about getting a special and heavy weapon off Ebay, and just attach them to the back of the cloaks.

I've got a few loose splinter rifles (hopefully) lying about from assembling raiders which I can tack on. I've tried to keep them looking like Corsairs for now, like an old school boarding party.

So now, my troop choices look something like this:
1 x 10 Kabalite Warriors in a Raider
1 x 9 Kabalite Warriors (option to use as Trueborn) in a Raider to accompany Sliscus
1 x 5 Wyches in a Venom
1 x 5 Wyches in a Venom

Then my 3rd Venom is used to transport my Incubi and Archon.

So that's the plan, get some loose guns off eBay and have them slung over the back or down by their side, and count down until my Finecast Incubi show up and get them on the blog. I'm hoping for the best with them, so I can start buying some other models, after my Metal-phobia.


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