Thursday, 26 May 2011

[WHFB] Second game of 8th Ed

Morning all,

Been a few days without a post as I've been too busy in my usual blogging time with work related such and such. However on Monday night, I got to play another game of 8th Edition v Col. Straken's Beastmen army.

I can't remember most of what went on, so my main point is to summise a bit more of what I'm learning with 8th Edition and also, see if I'm doing anything wrong and people want to point it out to me - nothing worse than spending months learning a game, to realise you've learnt an incorrect ruling or such.

First off, the 2D6" charge distances are becoming a bit of a bug bear for me. I'm all for the sense of "random factor" involved with it, but personally I find 2D6" distance for infantry to be huge. As an example, the Beastmen are M5 which gives them a charge distance of between 7" and 17". This compared to 7th edition where charges were around the 8" mark... maybe it's just me being stuck in my ways. Personally I'd prefer it if Infantry were to roll 2D6 and pick the highest of the 2 for charge distances.

For a bloke on a horse to only have 3" more than a cow-man on foot when it comes to charge distance, doesn't really do it for me. Admittedly the 3D6 and pick the highest 2, makes it more reliable to roll higher, but I'm not sold on it.

Secondly, playing with just a single Level 1 Wizard means the magic phase gets a bit boring or silly, so in future I'll be taking a second Damsel (assuming points allow it) just to try and get used to the flow of the magic phase a bit more.

Currently it was a case of rolling 1 spell with every available Power Dice I could have, then hope my opponent couldn't roll a double 6 to prevent it. I'd assume this is partly from us playing lower points value games (1500) as the magic system is designed for 1 - 4 Wizards in an army, casting and generating dice.

Also, getting charged as Bretonnians is bad. I got caught out by some mammoth charges by the Beastmen and started to crumble. I used to be quite good at gauging distances in 6th and 7th, so I guess I just need to work on my 8th edition eye and try to see where the new distances come into it.

Overall, I'm enjoying playing Fantasy again and once I get my head round the core rules and additions (I forgot about "Steadfast" on Monday night as an example) I'll start thinking about a second army to go with my Bretonnians and offer an alternative playstyle - most likely an Orc army.

Any thoughts on 8th edition? Or plans to get involved in Fantasy soon?


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