Tuesday, 31 May 2011

40k Expansions - Planetary Empires

Morning all,

Been a few days without a blog post over a long weekend, so I thought I'd chip in with some of the projects I'd been doing over the past few weeks, the first one being Planetary Empires.

For the last few months I've been getting a bit lothargic with 40k, so I've tried swapping things around, using different armies, builds etc. and trying to play around the 1500pt mark, as I find it much more challenging to design good lists for and also means I can get a game done in a decent amount of time.

One of the other things I've been wanting to do, is collect all of the 40K expansions available and start using them more in games, as opposed to the "Bring a list and roll from the rulebook"

So I started last month by picking up Planetary Empires, to see if we can get a campaign going over the remainder of the year, in between people's practice for numerous tournaments.

The rules are what they are - a quick and dirty set of rules designed to be added onto, or spiced up by a Games Master. I like the plastic tiles and components, they're just an absolute nightmare to clean up all the flash on. It took me practically a full day on and off, to get rid of the majority of it all from the 90 odd flags the set gives you.

So yeah, hopefully I can get them painted up this month and make a start on a campaign in the near future.

Next up on my expansion hitlist is Apocalypse and Apocalypse Reloaded (along with an accompanying Imperial superheavy).


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  1. Quick tip when playing Planetary Empires: disallow the "I get 2d6 bombardments" stratagem for the attacker, it makes the game a lot less fun and kinda just turns things into a "can I blow up all your stuff first turn" game.

    Aside from that it can be pretty amusing and really changes the balance of which units are good and which aren't. There are some kinks in the campaign mode rules as well, but most of them aren't TOO problematic.