Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BRITCON - 2K competition

Hi all,

Angryman here.  Its that time of year again, Britcon is upon us again

The link to the rules pack is here

Britcon 2011 WH40K

there is normally a good turn out for the 40K and WHFB, they also run a BFG and Bloodbowl competition.

I already emailed the umpire regarding the conflicting info contained in the rules pack (see if you can spot them) and I'll post the reply once I have it.

If I go I'll be taking Hive Fleet Tattybogangles with me for the 3rd year on the run, hopefully I'll pick up a prize this time (4th 2 years running was gutting!!!!!).

All comments welcome.


  1. How many pts is it, I know it says 2k in the title but where in the rules pack does it state 2k?

  2. the points are on the delegate entry form, the link is here