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Grey Knights: Nemesis Theoryhammer!

This Morning I was at GW half an hour after it opened ready to get the new Grey Knights Codex and have spent the day reading and re-reading unit rules and weapon options. Now to help build a list for Monday I propose a bit of Theoryhammer, this will break down each unit and what I think it can/will do and if its worth the cost, these will be brief overviews only looking at main points (and not including Special Character HQ's)


First up we have the Grand Master, he now weighs in at 175pts basic but has a WS and BS 6, Initiative 5 and a 4+ invulnerable. He has the option of swapping his storm bolter for a Psilencer, Incinerator or Psycannon, although these are interesting I think the only upgrade worth taking is the Psycannon giving 4 Str7 Ap4 Rending shots, but at 20pts, its a bit overpriced. He comes basic with a Force Sword giving him +1 to his Inv save in combat, for 5pts he can take a Halberd (+2 initative) or Daemonhammer (Thunderhammer). He can also take a Warding stave or falchions but these are overcosted on an already expensive model. The best upgrade I think this guy can take is up to 3 servo skulls, these stop people infiltrating or using a scout move within 12" of each!!! plus reduce your Deep Strike and Blast shooting scatter to 1D6" within 12" and at 5Pts each, are cheap. The reason this guy has jumped in cost is because now he now has Grand Stratergy which means he can give D3 units, Scout, Counter-assault, Scoring or Re-roll to-wounds of a 1. This guy will always feature in any army I build.

The Brother-Captain is exactly the same, but at 150pts with a BS of 5 and doesn't have the Grand Stratergy ability. This guy is good if short on points but if you can't spare 25pts then your better with a Librarian.

Leading onto the Librarian he is also 150pts and comes with the Hammerhand power, he can take any number of powers at 5pts each (some fun ones there aswell) he is only WS5 and has 2 wounds, but can add alot to your army. Depending on how things work, I may add one of these into my army.

They have added a new HQ which is the Brotherhood Champion, this guy is 100pts with minimal upgrade options (fine by me) he has only 1 wound, but a WS of 7. He lets the unit he is with re-roll to hits on the turn he charges (think Chaplain). In my opinion he is alot of points for 1 wound, I will be leaving him alone for now.

Lastly we have the Inquisitors, these guys come in three flavours, Malleus, Hereticus, and Xeno. They have similar wargear except for a couple of specialities. I will be sticking with Malleus and at 25pts (for each of them) they come cheap, my favourite upgrade is the Daemonweapon which is a randomised weapon (could be fun) for 15pts, keeping him bare bones except for a couple of Servo-skulls at 3pts each and power armour at 8pts. He may get dropped for a Librarian depending how he works.


Here we have a Techmarine now, This guy comes with a power weapon rather than a Force weapon, but can be upgrade to have a force weapon. He is a standard Techmarine but can take Servo-skulls, Force Weapons and a Conversion beamer. At 90pts, I think this guy will be overlooked as I find Techmarines a little pointless (especially seeing as Rhino's can repair themselves anyway).

Next is the squad everyone cried cheese over, the Purifiers, these guys will be used alot by everyone, and I wont be an exeption, though my reason is that Incinerators now cost 20pts on a standard squad and these guys get them free. They are 240pts for 10 men, can take 4 incinerators (a saving of 40pts) and take Halberds at 2pts each (normally 5pts) and a Daemonhammer for 5pts (normally 10pts). The biggest benefit these guys have is that if they pass a psychic test then every enemy model in assault with them takes a wound on a 4+ and any casualties (after saves) are added to combat resolution. The bigger the Horde the more likely you are to win!!!

There Assassins are still around and better than before, but also more expensive, I may add in my Vindicare as I enjoy this guy, but it is unlikely as there are better options.

Inquisitorial Henchmen are here only available if you take an Inquisitor, Deathcult assassins and Daemonhosts have been added in here along with Stormtroopers. I plan to take 3 Daemonhosts are they look fun, but expect they will be dropped for either a Librarian (along with the Inquisitor) or a Vindicare.

Venerable Dreadnought is in here, same as normal, with a couple of special options they aren't worth the 175pts basic it costs! This guy will not be seeing any action.

Lastly, the dreaded Paladins, 55pts each (ouch!!!) 2 wounds and can take an apothecary for an extra 75pts (55pts + 75pts!!!). These guys could be a solid wall that cannot be broken, with a 2+ save, two wounds, and Feel No Pain, and the ability to equip them all differently. I am going to try these guys out a few times, but expect them to be dropped to normal Terminators saving me roughly 200pts.


Here there are only two choices, firstly, Terminators, These guys are your basic Terminator with a Force Weapon. At 200pts (the standard), they are cheap for how good they are, and can take a Daemonhammer or Halberd for free, Also, like the Paladins can take a Brotherhood Banner which gives you +1 attack and auto-pass your force weapon psychic test for 25pts. If I don't take Paladins I will take at least one unit of these guys.

The second choice is a Strike Squad, 200pts for 10 men, with Force Weapons, can take Halberds at 5pts each or Daemonhammers/falchions (+1 attack) at 10pts each. They get Psilencers for free but being a heavy weapon I think I will avoid these as Psycannons are now only 10pts. A Str 7 Assault cannon for 10pts... yes please. These guys are a solid choice and I will take two units in every game (because I have to and want to).

Fast Attack

Here we have the Stormraven which is well known from the Blood Angels and I may look at taking one at 205pts instead of a Land Raider, but until I buy the model this guy wont be featuring for at least a couple of months. It is a beast and will be able to ferry 6 Terminators (or Paladins) along with a Dreadnought quickly to the heat of battle (if I am mistaken please tell me).

The only other Fast choice is the Interceptor Squad. These guys are identical to Strike Squads but move as Jump Infantry and can "shunt" 30" which means with a Grand Master making them scoring can threaten the board on the last turn to capture or contest almost any objective. I am planning on using at least one unit of 5 for exactly that reason. Plus my old models don't have backpacks so they are a good reason to use the new ones that come in the new boxes.

Heavy Support

Here we have the big guns at last. Firstly is the Purgation Squad, these guys pay a bit less for their Halberds and Daemonhammers (a full squad of Daemonhammers could be fun) but the Psycannon and Incinerator have swapped costs. The Astral Aim psychic power would be useful with 4 Psilencers (as its AP- anyway) meaning you could pour out 24 Str4 shots at anyone (even out of Line of Sight) giving them their armour or a 4+ cover, but weight of fire would be horrendous. I may think of these guys if I buy any men.

The Nemesis Dreadknight falls into this catagory and I have already bought one just because I love the model (although others don't). This guy weighs in at 130pts basic with WS5 BS4, S and T 6 and 4 wounds. He has a 2+ save and 5+ invulnerable as basic and 3 attacks. For 25pts you can give him a Broadsword which lets him re-roll to-hits, to-wounds and armour penetration rolls!!!! This will be taken every time. He can also take a Daemonhammer which hits at initiative order for 10pts. He can take a Heavy Incinerator for 30pts (put the short end 12" away) a gatling Psilencer for 35pts (heavy 12!!!) or a Heavy Psycannon for 40pts (Str7 Rending Large Blast), I have opted for the Psycannon first, but am unsure as it is a lot of points. This guy can also take a Personal Teleporter, making him jump infantry and giving him the "shunt" like Interceptors (and imagine him scoring using the Grand Master), but at 75pts I have left it off to start with.

Lastly we have the general options of Land Raiders and a Dreadnought, these guys cost a fraction more than usual as they can ignore stunned and shaken with their Fortitude power (along with Rhino's and Razorbacks). For now I wont be using them as I think Servo-Skulls will work better for getting up close quickly, even though I am still risking Deepstriking.

So there we have it, my quick(ish) Nemesis Theoryhammer. I hope it helps you in looking at Grey Knights as an army and as an enemy. I will still be putting up an in-depth overview of each unit after I play a few games with each but for now, enjoy.

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