Monday, 10 January 2011

200th Post and Wargaming New Year Resolutions

Morning all, I came onto the blog today to try and keep the ball rolling since the Christmas period has been pretty quiet.

Everyone's been with family, drinking, shopping, drinking, building stuff and drinking more... so there's been no one around to post.

As I went to make the new post, I realised that it would be the 200th post we've done on the blog. So thanks to everyone involved with the blog for reaching the milestone, especially since 2 years ago I couldn't imagine us getting to double figures... Anyways... onto the meat of the post.

Whilst my PC at work updated yesterday, I was thinking about what I wanted to get done over 2011, in terms of Wargaming. I've been pretty good over the past few years at getting (certain) armies completed.

2007 was my Chaos Space Marines that were bought bits and bobs second hand off eBay, then repainted ready to try and get a full 2000pt army ready for the first year at Britcon.

2008 was my Necrons, trying to get them completed for my 2nd year at Britcon.

2009 was the year of the Orks, painting and converting hundreds of them. They still get added to here and there, but I've not had any major push like that point.

2010 was the year my Imperial Guard kicked off again, after a post-Christmas trade with Col.Straken for my un-loved Chaos Space Marines army, along with the birth of a Khornate Chaos Daemons army.

So what's in store for 2011? 

First up, finish my Dark Eldar. I've had them since November, and whilst I've been buying bits here and there, I've yet to make a start on painting.

Secondly, get playing with more rulesets. We flirted with BFG for a few months in September - November, but ended up falling back into a rutt with 40k. I got the Island of Blood WHFB starter set for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to getting into Fantasy.

Third, on the topic of Fantasy, is that I need to get myself in gear and finally paint my Bretonnians. I've got about 3,500pts worth that have barely been used on the tabletop. Hopefully maybe I can go to a Tournament to get me in gear, and as a break from 40k.

Fourth is more of a hope, than resolution. I'd love to hopefully get hold of a Necron Codex next year. I think it would be the first army I've had that's crossed from old Codex to new, it'd be interesting to see how that plays out. Previously I've either swapped armies without using the new Codex (Chaos) or given up on them and started again (Guard).

Fifth, I'd like to get some more done on the Brotherhood of the Forge and hopefully flesh them out into a full 2,000pts force. That's not likely to happen unless the Necron's don't get an update in 2011.

Sixth, I'd love to get a narrative campaign up and running ofr 40k. Gathering resources, battling over territory and special events etc. Would be really good to have that to link games at MAWS together.

Finally, I want to stick to my ruling of "No Paint, No Game" with all my armies and try to avoid temptation to use them before they're done.

What about you guys? What are your Wargaming Resolutions for 2011?


  1. for me its get another army painted, ive got about 3 - 4K of eldar and CSM, about 5K of what will be a salamander SM army and about 1K of orks. I've painted everything in my Tyranids (apart from my 30 gargoyles and 20 hormagants) and i want something else painted by the end of the year, trouble is i dont know what to paint first.

  2. Mine is to get everything painted, first up is my 800~ points of Nids which probably wont be added to so thats an easy task, then I have a top secret project which will hopefully be revealed for the combat patrol tourney when we get round to it. Then I will go back and finish painting my Night Lords as I seem to do well with my Chaos Marines. It all depends on if the Grey Knights get re-done this year if I add anything else to them.

  3. Grey knights are released in April & some new plastic kits to boot. Looks like those csm will be waiting a bit longer