Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Scoring in competitions and Warlord 40,000

Morning all,

Whilst my work PC updated this morning, I began reading through an article on Bell of Lost Souls discussing Competition scoring and trying to balance this in favour of closer, more enjoyable games, as opposed to being completely crushed while someone goes for that 32-Nil massacre result.

You can find the article here: and I'd suggest having a read through the comments and see what people think. There's some good arguments for and against each method.

So what I want to think about here is what scoring system should we be using for the Warlord competition in the New Year...

The previous years, we've used the 32-Nil scoring system and had close games alongside crushing victories, getting tabled etc. etc. Is this something worth continuing, especially when we take into account the number of players at the club and how previous years have gone in regards to points.

What I would suggest in future would be the following, similar to Football League scoring:
Win = 3 points
Draw = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

In the event of a tie for any positions, these will be resolved with a Play Off game at that time between the 2 players tied for that spot. In the event that this is then a tie, we can either have a fight in the car park or continue playing into sudden death turns, where any Turn that the objectives are drawn, we continue until a clear winner has been decided upon.

This system cuts down on book keeping, gives clear wins to those who play to the mission and resolves ties in a better way than Kill Point / Victory Point difference. It should also mean that games are closer and more fun than removing your army piece by piece until Turn 4 when your last unit of Grots is pulled off the board and you face a tabling.

What do you guy think about it, and which scoring systems do you prefer when playing in events?



  1. Thinks this is a good idea & will give it a go in combat patrol or warlord cup

  2. Lets give it a go. If you win you win, if you lose you lose etc.