Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Battle re-creations

Hi all,

Angryman here.  On January 2nd 2011 we're hoping to re-create 3 famous battles from the 40k universe.  the games will be 10K each (each side having 5K).  Between the club members we have at least 5K of most of the armies avaliable but the only thing we are lacking is a big list of famous battles that we can choose from and re-create.  We already know of the 3 wars for Armageddon, the battle for Maccragge and the battle on the Iyandan craftworld but we are drawing a blank after that. 

Can you help us and suggest some battles we can re-create and naming the armies involved.

All comments welcome


  1. Prospero, the battle for the imperial palace, the assault on black reach, the battle for hephestus(forgeworld) the assault on Ryza, The battle for cadia( take your pick) there is also the 2nd phase of expansion of the tau empire (take your pick of the Democles gulf campaign) if you want more specifics shoot me an email.



  2. Scott,

    Thanks for those suggestions, I didn't even think of those, for some reason I could my mind went blank when I was trying to remember battles, i'll add them to the list of games to pick from. I'm hoping to get the 3 big battles posted on the blog in January

  3. The destruction of the Necron 'World Engine' by the Astral Knights Chapter. (Codex Space Marines 5th ed)

    The sacking of the Eldar Craft world Idharae by the invaders space Marine Chapter.(Codex Space Marine 5th Ed)

    Prince Yriel returning to save his craftworld from the Tyranid Fleet (Eldar codex 4th ed)

    First contact with Tyranids on the Planet Tyranos.

    Scythes of the Emporer and then later the Imperial Fist's defence of Giant's Coffin along with the Miral PDF (So cool).

    Deathwing v Genestealers (perhaps too few points?)

    The Eldar supporting the loyalists at the Eternity Gate during the seige of the imperial palace.

    The Space wolf defence of the Fang during the Vandire era.

    The Salamanders / Howling Griffons and another chapter's invasion of Commoragh described in the new Dark Eldar dex -

    The Iron Cage battle between Imperial Fists and the iron Warriors.

    The main guard regiments - valhallans v orks
    The heresy era tank battle on Tallarn.
    The Traitor / daemon invasion of Mordia.

    The rubbish cobbled together story in the new Blood angel dex re the invasion of Baal.

  4. "Prince Yriel returning to save his craftworld from the Tyranid Fleet (Eldar codex 4th ed)"

    I like that idea.

  5. Im liking 'The Traitor / daemon invasion of Mordia', that sounds like a good battle