Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas and Wargaming

Morning all,

Thought I'd roll on with the blog articles whilst it's quiet in the run up to Christmas. Just quickly to talk about Christmas and Wargaming... Now, for me, Christmas is a weird one for gaming - I've got more time to do stuff, lots of new shiny toys, but never seem to get around to getting stuff sorted or playing games..

Even Marines get festive...

Hopefully if I've been very good these year, I'll be getting some more Dark Eldar stuff, to flesh the list out to about 1500 - 2000pts. More Warriors are a priority, along with some boxes of Hellions to have a squad of those and also turn some into Beastmasters, since I love the idea of that unit and also have plenty of models around the place I can use for the Beasts.

I'll also hopefully get / buy myself a full new set of brushes. Painting my Guardsmen last week was a nightmare, since most of my larger brushes have been demolished through years of painting, so I had to paint the Black armour all with a detail brush. Not fun.

As for what I want to try and get done over the Christmas break. I've got 12 Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons teams sat on my paint desk, after finishing painting 62 Guardsmen over the last week. I really want to get the HW teams painted up so I can start using Platoons more in the army, as opposed to the current "Veterans as Troops" setup I've got going now.

I've also got 4 older Commisar models to paint up, which I figure can be used to spread around the Platoons.

On top of that, I'm then planning on organising my Guard Infantry into containers, with specific weapon loadouts and then do the squad markings. I'm hoping this will go some way towards helping with my dislike for masses of Infantry and trying to get squads together during deployment.

After that, I'll hopefully make a start on my first wave of Dark Eldar stuff (Warrior squad, Wych squad, 20 Wracks, 6 Grotesques, 6 Haemonculi, Urien Rakharth, Archon, 2 Raiders, Ravager and 3 Venoms). Undercoating the vehicles will be first, then make a start on painting the infantry from there.

I think I've finally set myself on a colour scheme, using the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue as a basis. I seem to do well at using Blue in my paint schemes, plus, I'm not really up for the Edging on armour, so that rules out most of the other Kabals. The Kabal of the Obsidian Rose was pretty cool (Red majority armour, Black plates for variety) but I just don't think Red translates well on the Dark Eldar vehicles, but that debate could fill an article in itself...

Anyways... what are you guys hoping to get hobbywise for Christmas? And what are you hoping to get done over the Christmas break?

If you don't hear from us in the meantime, have a Merry Christmas from MAWS40k!



  1. I'm getting 3 Warriors, 2 Venomthropes and a Box of gargoyles in a sack for me!

    Well I'm hoping for 2 Venomthropes but it may be a second box of Warriors, either way, Lots of Nids to feed!

  2. for me its painting 30 gargoyles, 3 more hive guard and gluing the 16 wraithguard i won on ebay (dont ask how much i got them for).