Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Team Fortress 40k Style!

Quick one from me guys...

I stumbled across this at work today and it appeals to me massively, being a 40k fan and having a big addiction to Team Fortress 2. Basically, one very kind individual has re-modelled the TF2 classes to their closest 40k Equivalent.

I think it's awesome. Just thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention. Ignore some things like the weapons clipping through skin, the fact the Sniper Scout still has the original character's head and so on - it's a personal project for someone at the end of the day.

Original article via: http://kotaku.com/5602173/in-the-future-there-is-only-team-fortress-2


  1. thats ace, really good, makes me want Space Marine (the game) even more!!!

  2. where can I download this.