Sunday, 1 August 2010

Britcon 2010 - Angryman's Tyranids

Hi all,

Angryman here, August 13th sees the start of Britcon 2010.  Its a 6 game, 3 day, 2000 point tournament held every year in Manchester.  MAWS players have entered the 40K competition for the past 4 years.  Each year our final positions have been higher and higher, hopefully this year we can bring home a trophy for the club.

This year I'm taking my Tyranids.  I've showcased my Tyranid army on previous posts but I wanted to show you what I'm taking.

Hive Tyrant and 2 Tyrant Guard

Tyranid Prime and 4 Tyranid Warriors

The Doom of Malan'tai and a Mysetic Spore

3 Hive Guard

3 Zonathropes

2 Tervigons

two units of 14 Termagants

Trygon Prime

5 objective markers

The colour scheme I chose  was a variant of Hive Fleet Behemoths colours.  To protect the models and give them a slimy look I 'ardcoated the entire army and objective markers.

Last year I finished 4th, hopefully (with a lot of luck) this year will see Hive Fleet Tattybojangles finish at least 3rd.  There is always good competition at the event and the rules pack makes sure there are no 'internet lists'  or 'power lists'.  There is a link to the Britcon home page under MAWS links where you can see the rules for the various different wargames played there.


  1. Awesome as usual mate. Look forward to the competition, especially seeing the massed Red and Blue monstrosoties on the table top.

    Could it be the year for MAWS to break the top 3? Maybe... Just maybe...

  2. Your army looks a lot like mine same color sceam almost your models are set up a little different but they look great how did you do with them?

  3. thank you, at this competition I finished 4th, I hoping to hopefully finish in the top 3 (doesnt everyone though) this year. Im taking my Tyranids again but with a slightly differant list. I'm taking the swarmlord, the Zoanthropes have gone as well as the Carnifex. I'll be doing a post on my new list once the rules pack has been drawn up and ive painted my 2 new tervigons.