Thursday, 5 August 2010

Preparing For A Tournament?

Afternoon everyone,

With Britcon rapidly approaching, I'm starting to get geared up ready to go for it and I just thought I'd see how other people prepare in the run up for tournaments, and share a bit of info on what I go through to get ready.
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Luckily, each time we go to tournaments, we play as a group of MAWS players and in the times we've been attending tournaments, I don't think we've been as a group of less than 3. It helps to know you've got mates playing alongside you... and it's also cheaper than everyone travelling separately!

So what steps do I personally go through in the run up to a tournament?

1. Read the Rulebook
It may sound silly, but I've been to tournaments in the past where I've not even played a game of 40k in months beforehand, let alone looked through the rulebook properly.

In the past few months I've played games and gone "Hows does that work again?", "Are you sure that's what it does?" and then the favourite... "Oh, I forgot that's how it works now...".

So for the past week or so I've been thumbing through the rulebook while sat around at home, or before going to bed, refreshing myself on the common things I forget about during games - such as vehicle movement distance, Grenades and charging in assaults.

2. Go through your Codex and Army List
Don't write your army list the night before the Tournament. This year I'm using a list I've been using practically for 14 months, because I've not had time to test out new ideas or variations, so I'm sticking with the familiar.

Likewise, examine the rules in your Codex, especially since you'll be (the majority of the time) playing new opponents, who may or may not have played against your army before. Personally, I'd also add to always make sure your opponent knows EXACTLY what the weapons, upgrades and units do, rather than midway through the game go "Did you not know Deff Rollas affect Vehicles now? What a shame..."

Also remember the holes in your army list. Last year I screwed up big time by spending 20pts on a Burna for my Ork Mek, not realising there were 15 others in his unit, and nothing capable of dealing with Walkers or big Characters. Lesson Learnt.

3. Organisation.
The weekend before, I like to get all my gear ready and packed up. There's nothing worse than rushing home from work the night before a Tournament, cramming all your rulebooks, codexes and dice into a bag with your models.

Likewise, sort out your transport and times in advance, allowing yourselves enough time to get a good night sleep, eat and take an ear bashing from the significant other.

4. Don't Stress
The final one is to simply calm down in the run up to the tournament, at the end of the day, it's an event about Toy Soldiers. Don't worry, enjoy yourself and have a good time with like minded people.

So then. What do you guys do in the run up to a tournament? Are you an organised type who likes to know everything and be well prepared? Or mostly just leave that to everyone else while you  have a few beers, write your list on a Napkin the night before and stay up all night playing Modern Warfare?


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  1. Im like yourself, i read the rulespack, then read them again, then ask someone else who has read them what they think. I'll then go away and mull over a list, try a couple of practice games with them. I'll then read the rulebook and text / email my fellow club members little ruling id forgotten. I'll then submit my army list and get round to painting any last models i've not doen - that reminds me, i've still got 2 termagants to paint and base before friday evening!!!