Thursday, 4 March 2010

[Orks] Orks counting as...

A couple of weeks ago, there was an Ork "count-as" Imperial Guard army posted on here, and it was suffice to say, one of the most awesome sets of conversions I've ever seen.

So whilst my work PC was updating, I went for a wander around the Internetz and came across... low and behold... an Ork count-as Necron army! Especially after my post about Necrons yesterday, it really got me excited about what other possibilities you can have count-as Orks.

First things first, here's an example pic of Necr-Ork Warriors:
And a link to the rest of the army:

I really love the whole Steampunk, scrap junker idea behind the army and for some reason, I think the Lord model is the most awesome stand out thing there, simply because it looks like a junky muscular Necron Lord. The army looks like it could be some amalgamation Orks and Necrons creating some clanking Metal terrors, as opposed to the Terminator with no flesh.

What other armies could the Orks count-as?
Space Marines - Highly drilled Orks in heavy plate armour, possibly some kind of Stormboyz company that has expanded beyond the realms of Rokkit packs?

Imperial Guard - Most of it is quit obvious, I think the Blood Axes deal with the Imperium from time to time for loot and whatnot, so you could happily imagine a Warboss lording it up and issuing orders out to the troops.

Chaos Marines - Simple really, Brutish Orks that have been driven to Chaos during their time on a system. Marks really help to drive this home, I can imagine Khornate Orks wearing less plate armour and having furious charge (the bulk of troops would be made of these), then festering Plague Orks lurking at the back somewhere able to take a hail of fire.

Chaos Daemons - Can Orks be altered by the warp? In the Ork codex there's a story about Warboss Tuska who's ship ends up on a Daemon world where every day the planet is reset and filled with Khorne Daemons. What if they eventually got out, warp mutations in tow? Embodiments to Gork and Mork with the Greater Daemons, alongside Heralds of Khorne acting as Warboss generals.

Eldar - Eldar gets a bit tricky, since the Ork army is already made up of specialist units similar to the Eldar, but the main problem is the low toughness... Maybe they're a cadre made up of exiled Weirdboys and Warpheads?

Tau - Orks like guns, simple. Tau have lots of guns. Have the Kroot equivalent as your Kommando squads, then your Tau Fire warriors as your Flash Gitz mobz. Really fluffy for a Bad Moon army! Maybe the Waaagh is led by a super-Mek who loves making Gunz for his followers?

Witch Hunters - Awkward again, but imagine a horde of extremely fanatical Orks under the gaze of a Prophet of Gork, and every act they commit, the gods look down on them and reward them for the bloodshed, in the form of Faith Points. Plus Orks like to burn stuff, and there ALWAYS has to be an Arch-Arsonist of Charadon somewhere in the galaxy...

Dark Eldar - Piratical Free Bootin' Orkz! Not as tough as other Orks due to their preference to raid rather than all out assault, but they've an extremely gifted Mek who seems to have perfected the art of Hover transport, along with a very "talented" Painboy acting as a Haemonclus would. These Orks love the smell of fear and racing towards enemies as they flee in terror.

Daemonhunters - They're pretty awkward to cover with the Orks, it can be done... especially in the capacity of Tuska the Daemon killer. There's no reason why Tuska's Warband hasn't adapted to fighting Daemons constantly using Warp technology.

So yeah, that'sa  few ideas and I think I've probably covered most armies there and given some ideas.. anyone else got any?



  1. Chaos Daemons would be hardest, in Hammer of Daemons a Grey Knight is trapped on a Khornate world in the Eye of terror, and theres some orks there, most people get Corrupted but because the Orks already like to kill they just keep fighting.

  2. id really like to see the mary poppins ork army we were talking about earlier - Mary thrakka!!!! a spoonful of power claw to the face helps the medicine go down!!!

  3. I am currently working on idea of Grots being count-as Tau maybe eldar, not decided yet.
    Figured Grots are generally closer in stats to both than Orks (lower T). The tau I have figured out, it is how to make them fit the Eldar look.