Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Upcoming Event: Warhammer World

This weekend, the 40k players of MAWS will be enjoying the highlights of the City of Nottingham on Friday night, followed by Warhammer World gaming on the Saturday - all in aid of Marcus getting hitched.

Rules for gaming are as follows:
- Each player must bring a 2,000pt Army list and a 1,000pt Army List
- There will be a 2 v 1 game, alongside a 1 v 1 game each round.
- The 1,000pt Army list must be made entirely from components of the 2,000pt list, which includes upgrades, weapons etc.
- Loser buys the Winner(s?) a drink in Bugmans

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up on here on Sunday, although there's still pictures from our Planetstrike inaugral game and 8,000pt Apocalypse game to sift through and have a writeup done for!

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  1. how much did this not go ahead, the heavy night on the ale before playing these games put a dampener on the event, hung over and wanting to slepp we still managed to play a game or two though