Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Britcon 2009 Results

Long time no post in these parts, since we never really got rolling.

However, there's been a lot of activity at the club recently, running up to Britcon 2009 in Manchester, where 3 MAWS players participated in the 40k event.

Overall, it was another year on year improvement, with all members of MAWS finishing higher than previous years even with an increase of players taking part in the tournament.

The results are as follows:

1 - Richard Hogan
2 - Chris Green
Chaos Marines
2 - Robert Sims
4 - Stephen O'Neill (MAWS)
4 - Jamie Eden (MAWS)
6 - Gus O'Conner
Chaos Marines
7 - Paul Burke
8 - Lynnette Maxim
Sisters of Battle
9 - Geoff Hamilton
Imperial Guard
9 - Robert Fletcher (MAWS)
Space Marines
9 - Iain Miller
Space Marines
12 - John Wall
13 - Tony Garry
Space Marines
14 - Ian Jones
Nurgle Chaos Marines
15 - Ali Shaw
Slanesh Chaos Marines
16 - Alun Evans
Marines/Daemon Hunters

Rob even managed to finish 9th after missing out on his first game!

Next year we're looking to break into the Top 3, and with plenty of events in the meantime to get our tournament practice, it's looking promising.


  1. Managed to get 9th after missing my first game, AND using a completely uncompetative list that was also fighting against the rule pack drawn up by the Umpires

  2. it was a good fight by the 9th