Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tlaxtan Titans first game of the season

The Tlaxtan Titans had their first game on Monday, they were all feeling rusty after a long break from the world of Bloodbowl, but their ability wasn't diminished!!! In their first match their were pitted against the vile Zharr Earthquakes, the Titans were anxious about the game as the Hobgoblins can keep up with their Saurus linemen keeping them pinned in place slowing the running game to a grind, and each of the Dwarves was an expert tackler ready to grab any slippery skink trying to sneak past.

The Zharr Earthquakes  won the toss to receive in the first half and quickly went for the ball with their Centaur, however his hands and legs got muddled up and he failed to pick it up. The Titans capitalised on this, and while the Zharr Earthquakes  were caging around the ball, they began to pick on their faster players with the Saurus on the scrimmage line. TheZharr Earthquakes  attempted to make a break down the wing but were quickly cut off by the swifter Titans and after a full half of pushing back and forth at the halfway point went for a chance pass hoping to single out a lone hobgoblin. The pass wasn't accurate however and landed a few spaces away, The Titans attempted the same action but couldn't even pick the ball up.

The second half started much in the same way, the Titans got the ball deep into the opponents half, but were quickly beaten down, the ball changed hands several times until on the final break a lone Skink, No.10 Ekkeko, broke away from the Centaur, picked up the ball and launched it to his team-mate waiting down the pitch, who promptly scored a touchdown with just enough time for the ref to blow his whistle.

Titans 1 Zharr Earthquakes  0

It was a close match, and the Titans only won by the skin of their teeth with an extremely lucky last ditch run.

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