Thursday, 9 May 2013

May Painting Pledge - Dark Angels and Necron Infantry

Morning folks.

I'm still kind of underway with my April painting pledge, but thought I would outline my plans for this upcoming month and hope I can clear off another chunk of backlog. Money is a bit tight this month, so hopefully I won't be buying any new minis to add onto this, although I'm still weighing up an army trade with someone on TWF - so that could get added on.

Last month I got all my Necron stuff sprayed up from when their new Codex came out. I've used Necrons twice in the time since their codex was released, but I'm hoping I can give them a bit more play time in the next few months and try and get myself an enjoyable 6th edition list with them.

I'm also hoping that since my Necron colour scheme is the old boring metal and black, this lot will get out of the way pretty fast. I'm sticking to the infantry this month however, as I want to take my time on the vehicles and do them at the same time as I intend to re-paint my Monoliths to match.

In addition to that lot, I've already started on painting my much anticipated (and probably quick to get shot to death) Plasma Cannon Devastator squad for my Dark Angels force. I'm hoping these guys are quick enough to get out of the way as I've already chewed into a chunk of time for this month.

On top of that, last month while I did some game trading and got a bit of cash, I went and bought myself a Belial model to replace my converted and magnetised one. With his new rules I can't imagine taking the other alternatives to the Sword and Storm Bolter, whereas in 5th edition I would always have taken the TH/SS. So he's also on the painting pile and my old model will become a Captain in Terminator Armour.

So here's this month's list in full:

  • 5 Dark Angels Devastators
  • 1 Belial
  • 1 Stormlord
  • 1 Trazyn
  • 1 Cryptek
  • 1 Overlord
  • 10 Immortals with Tesla
  • 5 Lychguard with Voidblades and Shield.
  • Remaining Eldar vehicle weaponry.
  • 20 Bloodletters
  • 1 Skullcannon / Bloodthrone
That's my list for the upcoming month. As I say, hopefully I've nailed DA painting and can knock the Devs and Belial out pretty quick, and the Necrons are a very, very basic colour scheme so shouldn't be too bad.

Here's hoping!

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