Thursday, 28 March 2013

March Painting Pledge - Chaos Space Marines - Completed!

Morning folks!

At the start of this month I set myself the goal to try and finish off my Chaos Marines from Dark Vengeance, to try and piggyback on my enthusiasm for the Chaos Daemons codex. Considering I didn't get any painting done for 2 weeks in the middle of the month AND over-ran on my Dark Angels last month, I've managed to scrape through and get them done.

After my previous posts where I fretted about what scheme to paint them up as, I eventually conceded on Word Bearers to tie in with my cultist and Daemon emphasis - and partly because I was fed up of black armour after painting my Ravenwing.

I didn't post much progress through the month as I was painting them as 1 singular batch, where one night I'd do the metal work, next I'd start on the armour, etc. and it's been really slow going through the month. But they're done, wooooo!

Chaos Lord. Chose to keep the cape black and use gold as sparingly as possible to pick out key details. Chance are he'll never get used much since I don't like Chaos Lords much.

Chosen with Lightning Claws. Or "Bane" as I like to call him.

AND MY AXE! This guy was a bit weird to paint since he's got like a tongue-tube respirator thing, so I wasn't sure what to paint that as, so I left it as a cable.

Chosen Champion, he looks pretty cool as a Word Bearer character if I were to have swapped the helmet in his arms for a book or something. Also just noticed on this picture he's got a massive grey smudge on his boots.

Chosen with Bolters. I would like more of these figs to flesh out the unit with some stuff that's not so bloody expensive in points!

This guy is one of my favourite chosen models, I really like the pose and everything about him.
Mr Hellbrute. I chose to paint all his pipey areas and under armour as flesh, rather than the GW way, mostly as I see him as a giant Obliterator or a massive mutated Chaos Marine.
Close up shot of one of my Cultists. I've painted these guys in the same colours that my Manutian Imperial Guard are (grey fatigues, black armour) and then picked out details in red and silver to match the Word Bearers element of the army. I really love these models.

Group shot of all the Cultists. I didn't have the patience to take a picture of all of them in smaller groups since as it was early morning, the lighting was all over the place.
Group shot of this month's painting pledge. Time to play "SPOT THE FALLEN"!
So overall, this month was a bit challenging mostly down to the amount of fiddly horrible detail on Chaos models which meant it was a right chore for speed painting. Plus, the fact I stuck to my guns of painting the lot as one batch, rather than doing individual units.

However, after finishing it and doing this writeup, I'm kinda glad I got to paint these as they're really cool models. They might not get much gaming time (if ever) but they were really enjoyable to paint up.


  • 1 Chaos Lord
  • 6 Chosen Chaos Marines
  • 20 Cultists
  • 1 Hellbrute
  • Chaos Daemons Codex and Psychic Cards
  • 20 Bloodletters 
Right, that's all for this month folks. Next month's pledge will be set at some point next week and hopefully I can make some early progress on it over the bank holiday weekend.

Bye for now!


  1. Thats good going there and given me some ideas on how to do my 60 cultists. I think chaos lords are one of the only generic characters I've used frequently unless ive rolled out emps chil then it has to be lucius.
    Only 2 points id say is plasma is green in my opinion & lascannons are blue & I dont like the new chaos dreadnought model (yes I know they gave it a lame new name but I won't be using it ; p )
    I really need to make some progress on my massive backlog & still have that major clear out.

  2. Cultists remind me of painting Mordor Orcs for LOTR. Where I would do 1 row with Khaki tops, then use that paint on the next row for pants, the next row for skin and the next row for cloaks. Then repeat.

    Chaos Lords, just not too fussed about them in power armour. I like all of the other Chaos HQs over them.

    Plasma for me is blue, because I'm carrying on after my Dark Angels where green plasma would have been too similar to armour. I think my Guard have green plasma, but going forward from here they'll all be blue unless the armour is blue.

    As for Lascannons being blue, I always thought they were red. They are on theSpace Marine game:

  3. Not where im from .... heresy ..... heresy !!!!
    Computer game designers wha'da they know ; p