Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Daemon Update and Flyer Rumour Thoughts

Morning folks,

In my effort to do a bit more blogging, I thought I would comment my opinion on some of the upcoming Daemon update rumours.

Normally anything from an Anon. source is a bit iffy, but I've seen plenty of occassions where these turn out right - but this current batch looks like it tallies up with things.

Rumours from HERE in highlight....


The next white dwarf previews the new daemons.

Hurrah! Personally, I love Daemons. They're one of the more exciting Codexes for me to play and, like my Dark Eldar, victories with them feel all the sweeter as opposed to a gun-line Guard army or my Ork horde.

The previously white dwarf released units are changing slightly (some get better, some worse).

This is 90% of the reason I wanted to do a post about this. For GW to change the units, after people have been out and bought a shedload of them, so soon after the initial release, seems really cheap.

Admittedly, people are spamming these units and creating "broken" builds and I've heard cries that these units are "too cheap / good not to take" and fair enough if GW want to fix them. Personally, I would rather them have sorted it in the first place by

The following white dwarf previews flyers. So feb daemons, March flyers.

Have heard that there might also be Daemon flyer in this WD, so the Daemon love continues on into March.

Hoping that the Harpy gets a model so that can be added to my fledgling Tyranid army, as well as a an Eldar specific flyer.

Oh p.s. No new god. No hybrid GDs.

No new God? Wasn't really expecting one and I think people who were are a bit too hopeful. The 4 Gods have been corner stones for years now and to add another would be a bit WTF.

As for hybrid GDs, I'm assuming this means you can't get a plastic Lord of Change and have the bits to make it a plastic Fateweaver? If so, that's another shame for people like Skarbrand and Ku'Gath without models, but it's nothing a bit of hacking and converting can't do if there are plastic models on the way.

Expanded fluff on malice.

This is the bit I love. Anywhere they re-introduce older fluff into the current era like Jokaero in Grey Knights. I don't think anything more needs doing with Malice in terms of a playable force as that would un-balance the 4 Chaos pillars, but I'm sure just by adding the fluff back in it will inspire some cracking themed armies and paint schemes.

it's two separate books. Not one book that has rules for both like the white dwarf updates.
it's a hard cover full release not an insert.

Did anyone really think there'd be 1 book shared between 40K and Fantasy? It's never been done before and it'd be fairly hefty... and therefore a much heftier price.

Glad that it's an actual Codex (although my wallet isn't) as opposed to just a WD leaflet.


That's all for now folks. What do you reckon about a Daemon update next month? More codexes for me to buy now... Joy!


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