Friday, 7 December 2012

Thing: The Myrmidons

Coming at you a fortnight and two days late!!! I havent been able to do much with Birthdays, and house moving but I did manage to buy all the parts I think I will need, and I have started chopping bits off models. I however don't have any WIP pictures yet, and will hopefully have them next week (where I hope to do an update on time).

As you can see, I have:
Metal Paperclips (these will be used to pin parts of the model (mainly legs to help get them into the right angles)
Plasticard (this will be used to create unique shields, tabards, studded leather aprons, and maybe some armour plates to beef up the models)
Blu Tack (this I will be using as "soft modelling clay" to put under the plasticard when pressing down using a pin/needle to create rivets)
Various Tools (I have a small saw, clippers, pin vice (mini drill), and a hobby knife/stanley knife)
and a Cutting Board (I got this because I always end up cutting myself or whatever I am leaning on, this also gives me a nice large space to keep things seen, and a level surface to work on)

Here is the first model I am working on, he is just a standard Black Reach Terminator, I will also be using a standard Assault Terminator Storm Shield, and a Grey Knight Terminator arm and Broadsword. What will be done with this guy is that he will be armed with Storm Shield and Frost Blade. His legs are going to be cut and repositioned so that he is kneeling forwards thrusting his sword ahead of him. His shield will be held over his head with an enemy tumbling over it, I plan to extend his shield and make it into a Roman style tower shield using plasticard, the current shield will then become the butress. I also plan my first attempt at a studden apron out of plasticard to go between his legs.
For next week I hope to have some pictures of this guy in bits, and started to be pinned, so that he will be in the right position. I think that this might have been easier if I had started with normal Terminators, but we have to work with what we have.

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