Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thing: The Myrmidons

So I promised an update today, and I know it's getting late, but I felt I had to stay focused. I haven't finished the map yet, so this will just be a short post throwing some of the ideas I have for models out there for you all to digest and throw back.

Firstly, I plan to use the Space Wolf codex as it means I can take Wolf Guard as my veteran marines, and can mix terminator armour in and out of squads, and equip each model individually. This is by no means going to be a competitive army, though I do hope for it to be more than a walk over.

I have always had the idea of Space Marines being able to just run through mortal men with ease, so I wanted my models to be almost swamped with enemies. By this I mean one or two on each base making each model into a mini-diorama, I'm hoping to try and pin these models so that they can be removed, but I'm not sure how that will go, it may leave some models in odd poses or may just be impossible with some of my ideas.

The first Myrmidon I plan to build will be based loosely off a scene from 300, it will feature the Terminator dropped onto one his lead knee (or maybe just leaning heavily forwards) turned slightly to the left lifting his shield (left hand) up over his head with either a guardsman or Genestealer on top being thrown over, while his right hand is thrust forwards with his spear impaling a guardsman. I'm hoping this will give the impression that he has been charged from the left, rolled with the weight to unbalance and throw the charger while giving himself momentum to thrust forwards from the turn. At least one model will have a Tyranid carapace as a shield, and I will probably have a few of them using improvised weapons as their bolters run out of ammo, and other weapons get stuck in dead bodies, I am thinking to have one terminator using a lasgun as a spear or mace.

For my Chapter Master Akileis (Logan counts as) I will have him wielding an axe (power fist) and a dagger (frost blade) and his storm bolter locked to his thigh (unless it looks too big). He will be locked in combat with a Tyranid Warrior wielding lash whip and Bonesword. The whip will be coiled around his axe handle which he will be pulling with drawing inside the warriors sword and his dagger will be poised to thrust into its throat. (This means if I can pin the axe head I can remove the warrior without the model looking too silly)

I also plan to have at least one rune priest, but have yet decided how to fit him into the army, I'm not sure how priestly to make him look. I may have him modelled as a point of calm in the middle of the army.

At least one Dreadnought will be stood on a Tyranid Warrior body, grabbing a leaping Genestealer out of the air. This will be one of the hardest models to make as I will be using the Black Reach Dreadnoughts, I may invest in a Venerable Dreadnought for this model just to make it really stand out.

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  1. this sounds like an awesome idea, fantastic modelling suggestions.