Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thing: The Battle for Kramirp

So, I have a rough drawing (in paint) of the game board I plan to build, so without further ado, here it is:

The, grey patches are buildings/ruins, the brown being general rubble/craters, and the yellow will be statues. I plan to have four ruins (with tumble down walls giving a ramp up the levels), the last two buildings will either be bunkers, or home built multi-storey buildings which will come apart. The big building will be the palace, with its own canopy, pillars, and defence points, the windows will have some boarded up, and some open, with either, fire points or emplaced weapons, these will be purely aesthetic, and it will use the rules for a ruin, the back wont be covered up for easy access to models inside. The statues, will either be fully untouched (using the statues GW sell), demolished in places, fallen over (like the first bottom statues), or just a plinth remaining. I think I will also add in some Tyranid corruption the closer to the palace, maybe even having tentacles/vines wrapped around one statue. There will be general rubble and smaller craters to provide some cover in alleys, and the main street, but leaving plenty of open spaces for vehicles and a few tacticle fire lanes. The board, will be built on six 2'x2' boards, making it easier to transport and store, it also means I can focus on one section at a time rather than trying to build the odd bit here and there.

Comments and critisisms welcome. See you all next week, with hopefully, a started model.

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