Wednesday, 12 September 2012

At long last - Britcon 2012 results

Hi All,

Angryman here.  4 weeks later than I planned to post, I finally get around to doing a 'Britcon aftermath' blog.  With me working 7 days a week recently I haven't had time in between work/eat/sleep to post but now things are calming down a little here it goes.

1999 points, Tyranid Hive Fleet Tattybojangles

There were 12 people who entered Britcon this year, less than some years but more than others.  The guys who attended were a fairly easy going bunch but there were a few rules queries, mainly due to the fact 6th edition had been released 4 weeks before the event so that was to be expected.

My first opponent was a Chaos Space Marine Nurgle themed list.
We played Crusade with the Dawn of war setup.  It was a win for the Tyranids
the next round draw was as follows

My second round opponent was a Sisters of Battle army.  Lynette who uses this army has been going to Britcon for a number of years, she is a pleasure to play against and her army is fantastically painted.

We played Purge the Alien with Hammer and Anvil setup (due to the nature of the boards being setup side by side we couldn't play hammer and anvil deployment so we opted for dawn of war instead).  It was a win for the Tyranids

The next round draw was

My third opponent was Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemon Allies.  Ali who brought this army has been coming to Britcon for a number of years, she is a very skilled player and fun to play against.

We played Big Guns Never Tire with Vanguard Strike deployment.  It was a win for the Tyranids.

The 4th round draw was

My fourth opponent Martin is another Tyranid player.  We have played each other before and our games have always been close and very enjoyable.

We played The Emperors Will with Dawn of War deployment.  Unfortunately for me the Tyranids won (the wrong ones).  I lost the game on secondary objectives, I couldn't believe it!!!! but it was a good game.

The 5th round draw was
My fifth round opponent was a Blood Angel list

The game was The Scouring with Vanguard Strike deployment.  It was a win for the Tyranids

The sixth round draw was
My Opponent was a Dark Eldar player and non-other than my club mate Mike.

The Mission was Crusade with Hammer and Anvil setup (because of the issue with the tables we decided on dawn of war setup).  It was a win for the Tyranids, and as usual when I play Mike, too much sugar and caffeine was consumed which meant the game was funny as fook.

The competition ended and this is how people were ranked

I finally finished in a scoring position at Briton, the first time in 5 years, second place is very good going (i would have settled for 3rd).  This means next year I'll be pushing for 1st.

In all its glory is the top of my head, my 2nd place prize and Hive Fleet Tattybojangles

The real prize that everyone wanted was one of the 3 'helper' woman walking around the Britcon halls all weekend, the only picture i managed to get was this one
Its not a flattering picture but they were damn fine!!!

All comments welcome.

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