Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Heresy Begins

So, I am up early morning and decide to check my emails and what's this at the top of the pile???


(I hope that link works seeing as I am on my phone)

It looks like the Galaxy will Burn, or at least FW are going to give the Horus Heresy a crack and throw out some rules! I am VERY excited about this, and I know I would happily start a heresy era army, and I know a few others which will hope for Xeno Heresy era armies aswell.

What are your ideas and thoughts on this?


  1. now this will be good, the potential options are endless, my salamanders can be legion strong!!

  2. Long time coming, let's just hope it gets done well (which I'm sure it will). Heresy Era is one of the most beloved parts of 40K fluff to most people, so it'll be very popular I reckon.

    Give me Megarachnids! And other various minor races / chapters / characters who I can't remember the names of!

  3. I really hope that they do some Heresy Era Xeno armies aswell as the Marines.

    I am eager to see all the Legions represented but I think some new Xeno will go a long way, especially if they start doing some models. (unfortunately I think they will stick to the marines as they already have most of the models)

  4. does anyone else think of starship troopers when the megarachnids are mentioned????