Saturday, 24 December 2011

Demo Games for 2012 pt.2

After my post yesterday, he's some more ideas that I forgot to add onto the list. I thought I'd do them as a separate blog post, rather than add them onto the previous list.

Lord of the Rings
LOTR has a fantastic amount of scope for a scenario to be as big as you want (using War of the Ring) or as intricate and small scale as you would like with the Skirmish game.

 One thing I do like about LOTR is the scenarios and content from the books and films that can be used, as well as the background and models being recognisable to many people.

There's a few ideas I had, one of which being Balin's Tomb, which can easily be done with the starter set (especially if there's a cheap deal on eBay). A few years ago I actually made (never painted) a Balin's Tomb scenery piece made from 4 cork tiles. Unfortunately, I've chucked that away since.. but if I remember right, it cost me about a tenner to build the scenery piece.

Another option is some of the other scenarios from the film and book, or even expand on this and do some stuff from The Hobbit?

Cops and Robbers
Now, this one stems from me getting a bit hyped up over "Payday: The Heist", a game which is on PC and PS3, where 4 bank robbers have to complete a heist on a bank or other location, whilst under attack from SWAT teams, helicopters, security guards, snipers and all sorts of other things.

Whilst playing it, I then started to think how this could be reflected in a tabletop game, with random events using a deck of action cards, heavy emphasis on cover and objective driven scenarios (drill into the vault, place C4 at locations, capture hostages).

Have a nosey at a gameplay video, or buy the game if it's on offer (I got it for £5 on Steam yesterday!)

So yeah, there's a few more ideas to get involved in. I figure a lot of this could share usage, so for example, the Left 4 Dead ruleset could easily be modified to the Cops and Robbers game. Metal Gear Solid and Batman have a lot of crossover too.

And then there's stuff like LOTR and 40k with it's own actual ruleset.

What do you guys think?


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